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Quantum Liberation is a new type of energy healing, it is extremely fast, profound… and fun!

Since 2002, I have been getting down to the essential and paring down the technique, in order to make it extremely simple, efficient, direct and to the point.

It allows you to step out of your automatic behaviors, your habitual patterns in order to start creating your life from the pure intent and love of your spirit.

What do we mean by habitual patterns? Behaviors, emotions or feelings that do not serve us, yet come up repeatedly in our lives, such as avoidance patterns, feeling under attack, feeling blocked, procrastinating, feeling stressed out, drained, anxious or aggressive… they push us in engaging in behaviors that do not serve us, such as eating bad foods, overworking or procrastinating, watching TV etc… We are not getting the results we are wishing for in our lives. We feel out of sorts with who we truly are.

Our tendency is to attribute these behaviors to outside causes, such as events or people of our daily lives.

We are also ruled by familial tendencies, social “must do”, outdated ways of thinking, that we catch ourselves repeating and feel unable to change.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” – Carl Jung

We usually want to analyze our problems to find their origin, but intellectual or psychological analysis do not allow access to the original energetic imprint, which is the real cause. By talking about it, we become a bit more conscious of it, which lessens the problem, but cannot eradicate it. It is therefore a continual battle to impose our will and overpower our automatic tendencies.

We offer you an alternative, a personal transformation path which allows us to:
– gain complete personal freedom
– find out in ourselves who we truly are
– access our personal truth and our desires
– so we can live in harmony and “in synch” with ourselves

Regarding automatic behaviors for example, our method allows us to identify in our body where the original imprint is located, thanks to a question and answer process, and the body’s sensations.

We do not have to relive traumatic moments ou heavy emotions.

Thanks to a semi-meditative state we access at that time, this imprint can finally get freed permanently. Transformation happens on its own, we accompany the natural process of the emotional, energetic and physical body so that internal balance is reestablished.

If you choose to learn this method for yourself, you will very quickly become autonomous in your personal growth path.

“If you do the spiritual work on yourself, you will start to experience the field of consciousness as a direct, personal thing, and this is best done in deep meditation.
Lots of people are looking for some kind of a placebo, (…) to try to short-circuit the process and gain immediate access to your higher self, but it doesn’t really work that way. (…) you can’t just crash the gate, because it can be very damaging. your shadow self is what you have to move through in order to get to the fruit of the higher self, your shadow is what guards the gate. If you haven’t done your shadow work, you’re not going to be able to see this information for yourself.” David Wilcock

Other benefits of our method are to:
– help the body to access its self-healing potential very quickly (see testimonials)
– free up tension and stress
– boost your energy
– feel sure and at peace about the choices we make
– sense and increase our vital energy, and learn how to use it fully
– develop our potential
and to feel in synch with ourselves!

You can benefit from this method in two ways:
– by having a one on one phone session
– by taking the training workshop

“Nothing truly describes the deep transformations that have happened under Tamara’s gentle care. I have learned more and felt better in one year’s time than I have in ten years of therapy.” Valerie Bell, San Diego

“By far the most powerful and splendidly simple technique of connecting directly to the Source of All that Is, to co-create the reality you desire to live in.”
James Palombo

“The techniques are amazing. Simple, clear and easy. Brilliant technique that can be applied to any situation. I shifted major belief systems that I had been holding onto my whole lifeā€¦in minutes! Major healing!”

You will never be free if you do not give yourself permission to be free (Buddhist proverb)

The infinite is within us. It guides us. It is here to give us, at each moment, what we need. We just need to learn to listen. Life becomes simple and joy filled.

It is possible to be at peace with ourselves and our environment, regardless of the circumstances. It is possible to tap into our inner power and connection. This is what we offer you.