It is early morning on Saturday. I’ve been up for a couple of hours and the dawn has not come yet. My favorite thing to do so early, is to stay warm and snuggled in bed, connect to Source, and be open to what is coming. Today, it was a clearing meditation about being able to stay loving and open in the face of people pulling on your energy and laying on guilt trips. After a communication with such a person, I’ve usually felt uninspired, wondering why I keep them in my life, even sometimes irritated, or drained. My reaction up until now, had been to shut down, and have minimal communication with the “offending” person. As I laid there, I wondered if something could be done… sure enough it can. They might be the “draining” person, but if I change any possibilities of my energy being open to be drained… Tada! I will not be “drainable” any more. So simple. Just have to think about it though. As the Source’s love came into me, wiping out layers upon layers of “yuky” feelings and patterns that allowed others to hook onto my energy and pull on it, I felt waves of calm come into me. As the dawn is nearing, I feel at peace and loving. My heart is more open than it has ever been. It is a wonderful life indeed, one in which our main task seems to be to open ourselves to love – loving ourselves and others. I am curious to see how my relationship with these people will evolve. Stay tuned!