About Tamara

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Raised in Paris, France, in a Russian American home. I was always aware and very sensitive of energy, but never thought of making it my life’s work. I started on the traditional business route, and graduated from the Sorbonne with a MA in Economics and from the ICN business school with a DESS, a post graduate degree in Marketing.
In 1990, a three-day stopover in New York on my way to the West Coast quickly turned into twelve years., during which I built a high-end tour and event company, creating tours, events and treasure hunts for diplomatic missions and business groups.

An unexpected transformation led me to a “dark night of the Soul” in 2001, which prompted me to reexamine everything in my life, creating a change in focus and a coast-to-coast move. From guiding people through the maze of a city, I now guide people through the maze of their own mind and emotions and into the simplicity of love.
Debbie Ford’s seminars were at the start of my healing path, followed by Holographic Repatterning in New York with its founder Chloe Wordsworth.
Mother Sarita, the 93-year-old mother and first teacher of don Miguel Ruiz, has trained me in the art of shamanic Toltec Healing. The US government for a long time paid Mother Sarita, performing her miraculous healing work.

After apprenticing in the Toltec path of don Miguel Ruiz (Nagual and author of the best sellers “The Four Agreements” and “The Mastery of love”), for many years, I became  a Nagual Toltec teacher in his lineage and a Certified Coach to bring the Four Agreements to the Workplace.
I participated in his three year shamanic Dreaming program. Dreaming uses the Theta brain wave state for hours on end, refines awareness, helps the breakdown of old belief structure and reinforces the flow of universal energy within us.

I’ve studied Theta healing from its founder, Vianna Stibal, and assisted her in her work. Also studied were: Reconnective healing, which I learned from its founder, Dr. Eric Pearl, author or “The Reconnection;” Pranic Healing (certified practitioner) Energy Medicine and Access Consciousness.

Keeping an open mind, and engaging in ongoing advanced studies are still part of my agenda. I love to explore new horizons. As a results, I am now consistently downloaded with faster, more fun and more profound ways of experiencing our direct connection with Source. What used to take several hours can now be done in a few minutes…and I am very aware that we are just touching the tip of the iceberg!

I have had vivid visions of a possible future on Earth: one where humanity lives in peace and harmony with Nature, and with each other.  I have been shown a possible future where humans live in eco-settlements, and gather to use the combined powers of their individual Ray of Light, for healing, remote communication, and co-creation. I then read the “Ringing Cedars of Russia” by Vladimir Megre, and was struck by the similarity in visions and ways of connecting to the creator, as described by Anastasia in the books.

I am honored to do my best to help create that future, by teaching people to remember how to use their Ray of Light, and by participating in the creation of eco-settlements based on the ideas of the Ringing Cedars book series.

Working directly with Source is the most rewarding experience of my life. I am happy and honored to share with you the synergy that this connection bring to your life.

About Quantum Liberation, our connection to Source

“The ultimate tool for the modern mystic”

Quantum Liberation is the name of the method I have devised to teach people how to connect their consciousness to Source, and how to use that connection to transform and enhance their lives.

In 2004, I experienced the first of many direct download of information from Source, which gave me precise instructions on a new way of connecting to Source, and faster ways of transforming one’s inner state.

Being French raised, my initial reaction was one of resistance! “Bad timing, thanks anyway, not interested, I’m not interested in putting forth my own method.”

This new work is so simple, fun and produces such profound results, that at the insistence of clients and friends, and after repeated downloads from Source, I just coudn’t keep on resisting, and refined it into a teachable format. Keeping it practical, simple, profound and above all, fun and light hearted is the credo of Quantum Liberation: “We take our work seriously, and we take ourselves lightly!”

The Quantum Liberation method teaches you how to harness the power and guidance of the infinite. Imagine having at your fingertip a method that is providing:

  • easy to follow system of personal transformation
  • healing of the DNA, body, mind and spirit that transcend time and space
  • the deepest state of meditation, quasi instantly
  • a super highway to your intuition and highest guidance
  • DNA activations for abundance, joy and a miracle filled life
  • communication with plants, animals and others
  • a method to align yourself with the law of attraction

Quantum Liberation bring you to a whole new experience of life!
One where there are no limitations, except the ones you haven’t yet liberated yourself from…
One where limitations and blocks can be let go of at a moment’s notice…
One where new skills and ways of being can be “downloaded” into you as you need…

During a session, lecture or a training seminar you might experience:

  • colors and sounds “popping” and becoming more vivid
  • the body realigning, starting to move or jerk on its own, as the energy moves through it
  • intense emotions vanishing with ease and grace
  • new awarenesses, new ways of being
  • a state of inner peace and joy
  • old core beliefs and blocks being utterly wiped out
  • subconscious patterns being transformed once and for all
  • getting in touch with your innate intuition or abilities you never knew you had
  • taking your healing skills to a whole new level

When you shed all the layers of programming and “yucky” emotions, what is left is filled with light and laughter. It is our aim to show an efficient way to come back to your love-filled center, and create a life filled with miracles and joy.

Quantum Libeartion is about surrendering your mind to the Infinite Source and creating a working partnership with the Infinite, instead of commanding it to do this or that, or praying and hoping. After all, who likes to be commanded and be told what to do? Not anyone we know, and most likely, not Source. As you know, when you have an awesome partner to work with, it creates an awesome synergy… With Source as your partner, expect your life to become magical.

If you have read “The Ringing Cedars of Russia” book series, by Vladimir Megre, and are wondering how you can use your “Ray of Light” the way Anastasia does, look no further.  This is what you will learn with Quantum Liberation.

Contact Tamara 1-514-448-2661 or 1-716-462-6556. or from Europe: (33)1-72-81-32-81