The events of these past couple weeks have come to show me the value of being able to act without reacting, seizing opportunities, without having negative mental chatter that clings to us, derails us and slows us down.

The first week, I did something I had no idea I was capable of, as I completed a marathon translation of many documents to help a friend … and discovered, much to my surprise, that I had somehow acquired the speed and accuracy of a trained professional translator, without any further training or doing in that area.  Actually I had sworn off doing translations ever again, after so painfully and slowly laboring over the few texts I had volunteered to translate for James Whitman several years ago.


A day after celebrating this success, I received a phone call from my new friend Isabelle in Quebec inviting me to share a house in a village near Montreal, where I was planning to move to at the end of the month.

– “The only thing is”, she said “you have to decide within the next few days, as the owner of the house needs a firm answer.”

Well, then, I decided:

– “I’ll make the 11 hours road trip this weekend, to come see your house, and the other one I’ve been invited to share, and decide then.”

A day later, another phone call from my friend Beth:

– “Hey, I had something unexpected come up, and my intern Kristen will be driving the 2 horses trailer (that I was planning on borrowing to make my move) to go pick up horses near Montreal today.  Do you want to put load up the trailer with your belongings?  It will save the trailer a trip on empty!  Can you come pick up the trailer later today and load it up? We’ll meet you up in Ottawa with 12 more horses for a Polo tournament.”

– “Err, yes, sure, but nothing is packed as I was planning on leaving in a month.  Can you give me the afternoon?” wondering if I could pull it off as I said it, and where I was going to put all my stuff if I decided against taking the house with my friend Isabelle.

So I looked around, went into overwhelm, recalling the many weeks it took me to pack my things in my previous moves, did a quick clearing on myself to clear away the root of the fear and overwhelm, centered myself, called friends to see who could come help, packed up my entire house in one afternoon, arranged for accommodations for all of us for each of the nights of our journey, and wondered where I was taking my belongings… the house with internet connection or the one with my friend Isabelle – which is out of reach of internet connection? Strangely enough, all the houses nearby have wireless phone and internet receptivity but just as you enter this house, you come into a dead zone.  Nothing penetrates this house.  And in the remote countryside, wireless is the only option.


While I was packing I realized that this unanswered concern was slowing me down and distracting me, and that I needed to make a firm decision, before being able to proceed any further.  So I listened to my body, and realized that my gut and heart gave me an “open” feeling to go with Isabelle, while my head was sternly advocating to go with the internet.

My emotional body was also telling me to play it safe and was siding with my head.  Was I to trust that the internet situation would somehow resolve itself?  How could I work without internet? My phone system is plugged into the internet modem… arrgh!

So I took some time to connect to Source once more, and get to the root cause of my lack of trust, fear and doubt.  Once cleared, it became obvious, with no more objections from my emotional body, that I was to go with my Isabelle, who whooped with delight once I called her to announce that I was moving in.

We loaded up the trailer the next morning, and Kristen, my friend’s intern, and I arrived late that night – sight unseen – to my new house.  We parked the trailer down the road and walked gingerly in the dark, trying to find the house numbers… We unloaded my things the next morning, re-loaded the landlord’s belongings into the trailer, brought it to her in Montreal late that evening, collapsed with exhaustion, went to pick up the horses in the early morning, to bring them to the Polo tournament where my friend Beth was playing, only to receive a text message that we needed to unload and take the road again immediately, as she had had a flat tire with her 12 horse trailer and needed us to come relieve her of a couple of horses.

I spent the weekend helping out with the horses at the Polo tournament, carefully keeping the horses at a safe distance from my sandaled feet, as I had forgotten to pack my “horse safe shoes”… or a toothbrush for that matter.


I’m now back in my empty house for another month, as the result of another change of plan, as my soon to be ex-landlord has recently declared, after knowing of my early move plans for several weeks, that I am not to leave the house before my lease is up, or my housemate is out, which obviously prompted me to stay another month…

I am amazed at how much I’ve accomplished in so little time.  I am amazed at how much I stayed centered, having great fun in the process, even as I was literally collapsing every night from exhaustion.  My consistent attitude with all these changes has been “Oh, ok, change of plan… I wonder what great adventure awaits me as a result, and whom will I be able to be of service to?”  I was also filled with gratitude for all the friends who stepped in at just the right time to help with the process.  I couldn’t have done it without them.

My inner chatter has stayed remarkably quiet throughout the whole process.  Because my energy was not consumed by worries, resentments, doubts or distracted by incessant inner chatter, I was free to tap into my intuition most of the time, and channel my energy as most appropriate. Whenever inner chatter showed up, I cleared it away almost immediately. I was able to take action, with little emotional reaction, summoning inner resources I didn’t know I had.

The best illustration of this gift of “Action with No Reaction” came a couple of months ago, when I volunteered to simultaneously interpret a conference about ecovillages and intentional communities.  When I was just listening to the words, with no reaction, I was able to simultaneously interpret them into English or French as needed, and the audience was amazed at my (newfound) skill.  In the couple of occasions when I had an emotional reaction or an inner chatter about what was said because I was bored by a technical talk or wished the meeting to be over already, I suddenly lost all my abilities.  I stumbled, forgot what was said, got confused.  The contrast was amazing.  Brilliant, spot on interpreting, or complete nincompoop.

What would have happened if I had engaged in inner chatter when I received the call about the trailer?  Do you think I would have found the wherewithal to pack my entire house in an afternoon, if I had been consumed by worries about why I was making this move, where I was going to move to, or if everything was going to fit in the trailer (my neighbor was certain it wouldn’t) or had engaged in any other type of self talk?  I think not.  Actually I’m sure not. Never before have I been able to accomplish so much in so little time, and with so much inner peace, and dare I say it… fun!

And yes, I will have unlimited internet access in the house, thanks to a new internet solution I just learned about, and will also have my unlimited world wide phone with the same numbers as always.  I welcome the respite from EMF and wireless signals our new home will provide.

I am very clear that all of this became possible only because of all the inner work that I’ve done in the past, which has propelled me to the state of being able to navigate the white waters of change with ease and grace.

The only way your greatness can truly shine, and you can find inner resources you didn’t know you had, is when your regular self, (your personality or ego), steps aside, or has been cleared away, so that your higher self can take over and take divinely inspired action.


There is a very important distinction between the usual laisser-faire interpretation of “going with the flow” and what I’ve noticed in these past few weeks.  When we think of “going with the flow” we usually have a bit of an indolent, “let myself be carried” attitude.  This is not what I am talking about.  When you are in white waters, in times of rapid changes, “letting yourself be carried” by the water would results in you or your canoe getting battered and bruised, crashing into rocks.  When you are in white waters, you have to decide which way you are going to go, and paddle very hard and very fast to clear the rocks. You cannot afford the luxury of being distracted by fear or doubts that you are taking the best route. You have to tune in to your guidance to intuit which is the best route to take, and put all your energy into that choice, and give it your best.

In this time of great planetary changes, we are entering the white waters of life. Acting without Reacting is a necessity.  Clearing away the debris of our ego has become a must.  It is no longer a luxury, it has become a priority.  We must become able to tune into our inner guidance, let go of fear, anger or other emotions that bogs us down, and allow ourselves to tune in, connect and take action from our higher self.  And we must do it now, as fast as possible and as deeply as we know how, so that we can stay connected to our guidance at all times.

Are you ready to let your undiscovered greatness come to life?  If so, please give me a call to arrange for a phone session.

I look forward to serving you to the best of my higher self abilities.

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