I read today on a bottle of apple cider juice: “made from tree picked apples.” Really? What did they think we’d think apples grow on? Plastic hydroponic pods?
How disconnected from nature have we become?

For a few days now, I’ve been pondering the fact that most of us humans feel lost and disconnected. We are disconnected from the earth, nature and our instinctual animal self, and we are disconnected from our core divine self, which provides a direct access to the infinite. Without direct access to either, we are floating in the middle, aimlessly, like a boat without a rudder, and without a sail, wondering why on earth we are alive.

By reconnecting to our true spiritual self AND reconnecting to our natural animal self, your body, we can feel complete, at one with the universe and grounded at the same time. If we go explore the higher realms without taking care of our body, we end up all in our head, floating about.

If we reconnect to our natural animal self, and nature, without taking care of our emotions and spirituality, eventually we might become balanced and reconnect to our spiritual self, but the ride will be much bumpier than it needs to be. All the unhealed emotions will come pouring out, and you will be left to deal with them as best as we can.

I suggest that you take care of both. Do your emotional detox to free your soul, and detox your physical body. Meditate to get in touch with your higher self and go walk barefoot in the garden, jump in a lake and eat as much live food as possible. I now understand why monks in monastery worked the soil themselves, instead of concentrating only on prayers and having others take care of the gardens. We need both.

To reconnect to your true self, you can start the journey at whichever entry point feels the best:
– getting in direct contact with the earth by getting in a body of natural water, or being barefoot on the soil, exercising your body and getting it in direct electric contact and magnetic resonance with nature
– incorporating live foods in your diet and ditching processed junk
– doing an emotional detox to free your soul, connecting with Source etc

If you start by just one of these aspects, eventually, you will feel that your inner journey will come to a plateau and it will be the time to incorporate the next aspect: meditate and clean up your diet, meditate and go spend more time outdoors…

Have fun in your journey!
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With much love,