Beyond healing …

What is beyond feeling good?

How can I translate the feeling of being washed over by sparkly golden white light which carries with it the feeling of unconditional universal love? How can I convey the expansion of your heart space, as you let go and detach from old beliefs systems that bound you to outdated ways of being?

It is like receiving an inner shower of twinkly warm light, warming up to the inner sun of infinite love, feeling layers upon layers of energy being lifted off you, having more inner space to breathe and be yourself. There is no other feeling like it. It’s like being on a natural high. One that you can repeat at will, which expands your well being, and will never harm you.

This, and so much more, can be yours for the taking. Or for the being, should I say. Come reclaim the love that is your birth right, the feeling of unity with the universe that you were meant to keep, living heaven on earth, no matter what the circumstances. Your angel wings will open, your heart will open, your intuition will speak louder than words, and the light of your love will light up your path. Following your heart and trusting yourself will become easier and easier as you shed your human form, the accumulated layers of programming that make you into the human that you were. Stop believing all the thoughts and emotions that keep you small, bound, fearful and doubtful. This is your dream. You are dreaming your own reality. Make it a majestic creation of love. You are an artist of the spirit, first and foremost. Remember who you truly are, and the rest will take care of itself. Nurture your light, your love, give your love to the creator and its creation. That is what you were meant to do, that is why you came here. You are a divine co-creator. The universe awaits your bidding of love.

Have you forgotten? Do you not remember how to? This is the time to remember, this is the time of awakening. Come share your love and reconnect to your divine Source.

The Resourcing workshop helps you remember, and gives you the tools and step by step method to assuage your mind, and let your spirit fly in communion with the Divine.
The next workshop takes place in Buffalo, NY, on May 14 in the evening, and 15 – 16 all day. Come take your rightful place in the universe. We await you with open hearts.

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