Beyond Procrastination…Are you stuck in the 3 P?

Have you ever found yourself feeling really stuck? You want to do something, but you do nothing. You feel unable to break the bonds that keep you glued to your chair, watching inept TV programs, and you wonder what is going on inside of you. It doesn’t make any logical sense. It is way beyond regular procrastination. You don’t even do anything else. Any attempt at self analysis comes up blank, and any attempt at self improvement in that realm doesn’t reap any real benefit. You’re still feeling glued, stuck, and unable to move forward in your life projects. What is going on here???

One could think that you are depressed, but no, you can actually be a pretty cheery person, even an inspiration to others, but when it comes time to doing something that you want to do, you stop yourself, and find yourself glued and sinking in molasses.

I know, I was stuck in that state for many years, and no one could really help me out of it. People had this vision that I was a very productive and busy person, and healers I hired to help me break that inner bond couldn’t find the lock. Coach friends would suggest techniques to deal with procrastination, but they failed to address the root of the problem. All I knew was that I could help others do leaps and bounds, and shed their blocks in a matter of minutes, but couldn’t find the solution to that peculiar riddle.

I didn’t make sense since I’ve developed a technique of transformation that usually doesn’t require you to know precisely what the pattern is. Just feeling the emotion or the energy of the blockage and connecting my consciousness to Source is usually enough to dissolve the block in myself or others.
But… not in this case!
Sometimes a pattern needs to be brought to the light of consciousness before it can be let go of. I like to think that in that case, it is a very good lesson for me, so that I can now turn around and better help others on that particular subject.

While visiting my family in my home town in Paris, and doing some very deep inner healing work, my sister came to visit with her young children. Observing one of them who was stuck in a pout gave me the clue I had been looking for. A light went on in my head. That’s it! I had been pouting… against what or whom, who knows, I didn’t spend time analyzing it, I just went to work by connecting to Source and removing the layers of pouty inner blocks.

I call that being stuck in the 3 P state, a subconscious “Powerless, Paralyzed Poutiness.”

I am not talking about “healthy poutiness”, the kind that helps children process hurt emotions.

I’m talking about the paralyzed frozen state of powerless anger, self destructive, in which you just stay there, not doing anything, and not wanting to feel better either. This is similar to little kids who are stuck in a tamper tantrum, but just go quiet, and can’t communicate. They just stay there, in shock and anger, and refuse to do anything that would make them feel better. They actually will hurt themselves in the process.
In time, they’ll come out of it, but that shock has registered and crystallized in their body, to play again and again later on, like a broken record, much to the bewilderment of the adult they’ve become, who has forgotten all about the original incident.

Now, of course, we are all grown up, and much too sophisticated to have an outward tamper tantrum. So it manifests itself in much more sneaky ways. Here are some examples:
– You feel fed up, but don’t know what to do to change the situation,
– You wish your life would change, but don’t take any consistent action in that regards,
– You feel overwhelmed and annoyed,
– You feel that others should behave differently in order to resolve the situation and feel powerless,
– You feel that “it’s not fair” and it should be different, and are a bit resentful about it,
– You feel that your life is at the hand of fate (or destiny, or astrology, or “it’s not meant to be” etc) and don’t feel good about it

What is your version of it? Can you recognize the ways you’ve kept yourself paralyzed, powerless and resentful?

Recognition and awareness is the first step in the transformation process. Nourishing yourself with love and compassion helps in the letting go.

You may already have your own way of letting go of inner blocks, whether it is with energy work, emotional release or through the body. There are many ways of doing it. I teach the fastest and most profound way that I know of, which gets you in touch with your soul, and with the Universal Source of consciousness. If you already know how to connect your consciousness to Source, use your connection to gently and completely dissolve these blocks. You will feel your vitality and “joie de vivre” soar as a result of this process. Taking action will seem natural and joyous as a result, and having fun will become ok. Don’t be surprised if doors open up without any doing on your part. The world responds to your vibration, and as we naturally leave someone alone to get over his or her pouting fit, people unconsciously were doing the same towards you, even if they hadn’t recognized consciously that you were pouting. When you let go of all your subconscious crystallized pouting layers, you are ready to play again, and people will reach out to include you.

If you’d like some help in letting go, please contact me: 1- 888-685-0247 I’d be honored to help.

With love,