There are regularly free based based group healings so that newcomers can experience the power and fun of Quantum Liberation.
Register to the newsletter so that you can be informed of the next dates.
These events are free for all new people and repeat attendees who help by sharing the info amongst their network.
By donation for all other repeat attendees.
You will need to download the ZOOM application in order to be able to join the meetings.

Wednesday September 20 at 20h (Paris time):  web based group healing on the subject of Abundance.

Tuesday October 17th, at 20h: web based group healing on the subject of Abundance.


TIMING. All workshops follow the same timing
Friday from 18h30 to 21h, Saturday from 9h30 to 18h and Sunday from 9h30 to 17h.


BUDAPEST (Hungary): 20 – 21 – 22 OCTOBER (in ENGLISH)

PARIS: 3 – 4 – 5 NOVEMBER (in ENGLISH or bilingual)


LISBON (Portugal): 24 – 25 – 26 NOVEMBER 2017  (in ENGLISH)

BRITTANY: 1-2-3 DECEMBER 2017 (in French)


Come experience a new way of living: one in which you are connected to your heart and your Source

Living in peace with an open heart becomes a reality that is built upon, instead of difficult to reach ideal.

Day to day problems, internal sabotage, difficult situation and annoying people become springboards for our spriritual evolution. We liberate ourselves, thus opening up to more love and expansion in our hearts.

Stress becomes an way to increase awareness, instead of something to be endure.

On this journey to personal liberation, you will learn to use your internal compass.  Your path becomes easier to discern and it comes easier to make the right decisions.

Your personal truth emerges from deep within, without outside influence or dogma.

The feeling of isolation makes way for a deep feeling of interconnection, support and mutual assistance

Hypersensitivity, empathy and intuition become a great force on which you rely, instead of a overwhelming way of dealing with others.

Patterns and beliefs dissolve and free up your energy giving way to more authenticity and the joy of being alive.

The reassuring vibration of your heart starts to radiate out around you, nourishing friends and passerby. Your positive influence grows as you continue to do this work on yourself.

Pour plus d’informations sur l’atelier et pour s’inscrire, cliquez sur:

Contact Tamara Messenger at +33782994066 (whatsapp or cell number) for any other information.  Please repeat your number clearly and slowly.


Full payment at the workshop : 297€  total, with 80€ deposit + 217€ at the workshop in cash

Payment plan: 350€ total, deposit 80€ + three payments of 90€ AHEAD of the workshop date

HUNGARY: Special pricing and arrangements are made for Hungary residents, so as to reflect the economic reality of the country. Please contact me for more info.

Please do not let the excuse of the lack of money stop you from attending. I am open to very flexible payment plans so that everyone can participate.  Quantum Liberation will give you a way to dissolve patterns that keep you in lack and survival, so you can become abundant.

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Follow up after the workshop:

You will become part of the closed facebook group and the email list of people who have been trained in Quantum Liberation. You will thus receive notice of free web based meetings during which you can ask all questions.

You can also come repeat attendance to the next basic training, by donation and if space is available.


For any questions, please contact:
Tamara Messenger au (+33)782994066