imagesWe’ve all have moments of procrastination but for some people, procrastination is crippling. It feels like being paralyzed … for no apparent physical reasons. The muscles work, the mind works… but you are completely unable to take any type of constructive action.

Like a zombie, you walk around in your house, get distracted, spend endless hours on facebook… it takes you three hours to finally get yourself to take a shower or go for a walk… you can respond to other people’s demands on you but when it comes times to following your own directives or desires, your body no longer responds. No, you are not crazy!

You are suffering from an overactive Fight-Flight-Freeze response. You are in complete emotional paralysis. The paralysis is not physical, but the survival brain gives commands to your body to freeze and not act. It hijacks your emotional or logical brain, which is what it is designed to do to ensure your survival. The problem is that in this case, it is programmed to get you to freeze, time and time again, because it thinks that your survival is at stake.



FIRST recognize that this FREEZE strategy was put in place when you where a baby. Time and time again, when something happened that registered as traumatic to you, your survival brain got imprinted with the FREEZE command. ‘When this time of situation happens, my best response is to Freeze.’ And so anytime that a situation that is remotely similar happens, your brain goes on freeze mode. For example, your brain got habituated to go on freeze mode anytime you were left alone in the crib (afterall, it is life threatening for a baby to be left alone in the jungle)… and now, as an adult, anytime you are alone in front of your computer, you automatically go on freeze mode and are unable to take any type of constructive action.

SECOND recognize that these stragegies were put in place with your best interest at heart. It wasn’t put in place to hurt you, it was put in place to PREVENT you from getting hurt. A crying baby that moves around with no one to protect it would attract predators. They are no longer useful and can be let go of, now that we are adults.

THIRD forgive yourself for having put in this freeze reaction when you were a baby. You didn’t know any better. You thought it was the best thing to do. Allow yourself to feel the paralysis without resisting or judging it. Where do you feel it in your body?

FOURTH Imagine sending love to that little baby, imagine having white light coming in and out of your heart center, feeding and dissolving the stuck energy inside of you. Continue doing so until it is completely gone and you feel open hearted.

FIFTH enjoy the respite from emotional paralysis. You feel free, until another freeze response get triggered. It may time minutes, hours or days before the next freeze response comes up to the surface to be released.

SIXTH repeat anytime you have another freeze reaction. These reactions were put in place repeatedly in response to slightly different triggers. You will have to dissolve them as they come up.

SEVEN Get support!  Register to to  join a supportive community aimed to get out of the freeze mode and into productive mode.

Enlist the help of a professional who knows how to dissolve the freeze survival brain pattern.  You are not alone, you are not crazy and it is possible to come out of it!

If you would like help in this process, contact the Tamara Messenger, author and founder of this method. You may not be able to do it on your own at first, but with a little practice, you will see that it is incredibly effective.

Here is to your productive freedom!


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