Submitted by tamara on Tue, 06/09/2009 – 12:31

Dark is an illusion. It is a powerful illusion, but it isn’t real. Strike one match, the tiniest of light, and the dark is dispelled.

When times are dark, we are more challenged to hold that light. I should say, when times ‘feel’ dark, and when times ‘seem’ dark, because our mind is an interesting energy magnifier.

I’ve heard myself saying lately ‘control your thoughts’, and ‘take control of your mind’. By this I mean, don’t bring your attention back to the light, back to calm, back to neutral. You can do this in many ways.

1. count, either forwards or backwards. visualize the numbers in your mind’s eye and erase them.

2. use a tone. “so” and “hum” work well, but “om” works, or any that you feel compelled to repeat. It is the repetition that calms the runaway mind.

3. focus on your breath. in and out. send it down.

4. say a prayer. “I am the light. The light is within me. The light moves throughout me. The light surrounds me. The light protects me. I am the light.” is just one.

5. Call in angels.

6. fill yourself with color

7. imagine yourself expanding and opening up as well as out and into the light

8. do a repeating action, like rolling your hands and bringing the energy in towards you in sweeping, repeating circles

9. walk with mindfulness.

10. light a candle and watch the flame.

11. watch the birds, the trees, listen to nature

and of these things will bring you back to the light, still the runaway mind, and assist you in staying centered. Play with them. Combine them. Pass them on.

The important thing is to control your thoughts. Keep them focused on what you want, and not on what you don’t want.
YOU are an attractor field. Pay attention to what you are attracting.