It seems easy to stay calm and centered in our hearts when everything is going well. But what about when nothing goes as planned?

I’m going to use my life circumstances of this last month to illustrate. Three months ago, I decided to move to Montreal. Everything was planned beautifully for an easy move: an apartment right next to my friends was lined up, time was set aside to renovate before moving in as the floors needed to be redone, 6 people were on the ready to help me unload D day, etc.

Two weeks before the move, as I was proceeding with plastering and painting, an incident caused me to rethink my choice of home.

In order to make the best decision (to stay or to go) I did intensive recapitulation on myself, in order to dissolve any and all patterns (beliefs, emotions, survival brain patterns) that contributed to the emergence of this incident in my life. In so doing, I erased all traces of the emotional choc it had caused. By doing this in-depth work, I am insuring that I will no longer attract this kind of event.

As a super sensitive empath, I came to the realization that the emotional state of my neighbors is one of the determining factors of my well being. Living next to people who are not in control of their anger, rage or are really depressive for example, is affecting me the same way really polluting fumes would affect someone else.

I had to let go of all my fears: fear that more incidents of this type would occur, that some of my energy would be directed towards managing the emotions of my neighbors, fear of displeasing my landlord, to move away from my friends who are like family to me, to let go of a inexpensive and large apartment, to not be able to find a new place in two short weeks, etc. As I dissolving my fears, doubts and emotions, my truth was able to come through et the inner peace that I use as my compass was resurfacing. I made the decision to find a new place that would be more adapted to my needs.

Inner transformation is my rudder, my heart’s desire is my set direction, and the inner feeling of peace and of heart opening is my compass that indicates if I am on course. If I am not at peace with something, I will do my inner transformation work until I find myself back in that state.

After deciding to find a new place, I jotted down what exactly I was looking for and did a bit more inner work to align myself with that, so that I could find it quickly. I had taken that big apartment because it was close to my friends and inexpensive but I had never taken the time to see if it fit all my requirements.

Once that inner work was done, I started looking at ads. On the second day, a non descriptive ad without pictures jumped up at me. I knew that this was going to be my new place. It corresponds to all my requirements and even more : my sweet landlord is renovating the place and is letting me choose the materials.

Last minute changes continued until after the move. The date, vehicle and helpers all changed at the last minute. The renovation materials are late, so I am writing to you with bundled in a coat because the weather is unusually cold and there is a big gap in the soon-to-be-replaced window. I have left my boxes without opening them and went to sleep at friends’ house when there was too much dust or a strong smell of floor varnish. The only source of water was a cold shower for a little while. The owner and the reno guy have been surprised to see me take all these unforeseen changes with humor.

This has been possible only thanks to all the good emotional habits I have acquired along the Toltec path of personal freedom:
– do not take what is happening personally
– keep my word impeccable, without wallowing in bad mouthing or complaints and instead, look for the humor and the positive side of things.
– do a daily emotional recap and transformation so as to dissolve any negative emotion or pattern that crops up.
– focus on gratitude.
– connect myself to Source daily, in Shamanic waking dream, so as to recharge my batteries and resource.

And come to think of it, I’m starting to be too warm in my coat! It’s time for a walk!

Call me if you would like me to mentor you on your path to personal freedom, or if you would like a transformation session by phone.  My phone is in perfect working order!


Tamara Messenger is a Toltec Nagual, trained by don Miguel Ruiz, author of “The Four Agreements.” She mentors the courageous ones who choose to become “Light warriors” on their path to personal freedom with innovative transformation tools that are super fast.