Sprouts & Food

Sprouts Collingwood Ontario

I’ve healed myself and shed over 50lbs through the power of eating lots of  live foods, and nutrient dense foods, such as sprouts. It therefore gives me great joy to share this message.  One of the most common complaint about “eating healthy” is that it costs too much money.  Sprouts are the answer:  for virtually pennies, you can feed an entire family delicious, nutritious, protein rich food.

Those of you who are embarking on a Toltec apprenticeship with me, will be asked at one point in your journey, to look at your relationship to food: true happiness can only be attained when the body is healthy and vibrant, and this can only be attained when it is fed enough healthy and vibrant foods.

Some foods also trigger specific feelings of apathy, hopelessness, or disconnection… sometimes the issue lies not in the emotional, but simply in changing a few toxic food habits!

Tamara’s story about sprouts:
There’s been times in my life, many years ago, when funds were really low, and all I had to eat was tortillas, rice and beans. Sometimes, I’d splurge on the $1 McDonalds menu.

I didn’t know anything about nutrition at the time, and thought I was doing a pretty good job at feeding myself… until my health took a serious dip.  I became depressed and obese, with a myriad of health challenges.
The worse part was the hopelessness, apathy and depression.
Little did I know that all these symptoms were related to the foods I ate.

Luckily, some friends advised me to “cleanse” and “eat fresh, vital, raw greens, veggies and fruits.”

This spurred me on a quest for knowledge, and I learned all I could about the effects of nutrition on well-being, both physical and emotional, in order to keep myself healthy, but also productive, engaged in life, and hopeful.
I started growing sprouts for myself, because they are the cheapest way to have greens and concentrated nutrients.  I juice them and eat lots of them daily.

Sprouts are amazing.  They are the best way of getting loads of nutrients and vital energy… all for pennies.
They produce a huge tray of greens from a handful of seeds, in just days.

Sprouts are:

– very high in assimilable protein. Sunflower contains as much protein as chicken, for example.
– very high in live enzymes, which are essential for good health and immune system
– filled with chlorophyll, which brings oxygen to the body and brain, thus helping stabilize mood and brain function
– very high in vitamins and minerals
– have anti-cancerous agents, (broccoli sprouts)
by conventional medical research for example
– have an overall beneficial impact on health
– a way to bring the family together, as children love to tend to their own sprouts and see them grow

By creating a bigger demand for sprouting seeds, we automatically support local farmers, which produce non-GMO, non irradiated  or organic seeds.  GMO seeds are designed as suicide crops. They cannot seed.

We thus create a alternative market for non-GMO seeds, and lessen the monopoly that Monsanto has on agriculture.