Can you recognize yourself in the following:

– You really want to accomplish something, but can never seem to get to it… or you start it but all kinds of other things require your attention?

– You don’t even really know what you want or like?

– It is very difficult for you to take care of your personal project that are dear to your heart… but you are always available to help others?

Is it procrastination? Laziness? Are you mentally challenged?

NO! You are neither crazy nor lazy… I simply suggest that you are ruled by your SURVIVAL BRAIN.

If you’ve ever seen a cat about to so something bad and who gets reprimanded just in time, the cat is going to act as if she really really didn’t want to do this (bad) thing (eat the roast, pee in the plant etc…). She is going to try to convince us that really, really really, all she wanted to do was to snif the plant or examine the corner of the room. Little kids are the same. I am sure you’ve seen a little kid try to convince a parent that really, really, really, he or she wasn’t about to do that (bad) thing (or didn’t do it at all).
It can be cute, it makes us laugh (see video below) but the problem arise when we start to believe our own lies.

YouTube Preview Image

Moreover, if you have been raised in an environment in which you were not encouraged to follow your desires, but rather to follow directives from your parents or teachers, you are going to put in place a survival strategy to highjack your own desires and move away from your own goals.

Any attempt to go towards your heart’s desires, to take action in the direction of your dreams will be sabotaged by our Highjacking Strategy. Those attempts can also produce a feeling of anxiety, of dread… and an irresistible desire to go do something else.

If you procrastinate and feel stuck or paralyzed instead of doing what you really want to do, this highjacking survival pattern will quickly become intolerable.

You may have cut yourself off from yourself so much that you won’t even know what you desire, or simply how to occupy your free time.

On the other hand, if you go full tilt into another activity, you will stay busy, productive, congratulated… but the true desires of your heart will still be ignored.

So if you want to come out of these automatic highjacking behavior patterns, call Tamara immediately!

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