How would it feel to feel connected to the Whole at all time? To know that you are supported, guided and loved, and that you have a willing partner you can turn to at anytime, for feedback, encouragment, and inspiration?

How would it feel to have access to a higher perceptive, once that lifts us above our concerns, fears and worries, so that we can choose the highest path for ourselves, at any moment?

I am referring to the difference between Universal Truth, based on unconditional love and the truth based on subjective perception.

The subjective perception of our day to day life, is based on our inner programming: when we perceive something out in the world, we then filter it through our belief system, our traumas, judgments, fear, doubt etc… It is definitely YOUR truth at the moment.
Because it is based on your inner wounding, which is a trauma leading to forgetting your true infinite divine nature, it usually creates a feeling of being separate, or another feeling that is not completely pleasant.

When your consciousness is connected to the infinite, the Whole, Source, or whichever name you wish to call it, and you are centered in your soul, you feel utterly peaceful, loving inclusive.
When you are perceiving through your beliefs systems you feel any range of “yucky” feelings. Depending on how far off centered you are, your yucky feelings will be more or less intense. It is our innate emotional guidance system, the same way that physical pain informs us that it is probably not a good idea to inflict physical pain to our bodies.

Pain is here to inform us that our bodies cannot function optimally, if we do, think or feel what we are at that time. For example, a friend broke a shoulder bone, for which you cannot have a cast. When he stayed still in one particular position, there was no pain, when he moved away from that position, there was excrutiating pain, because his body needed that optimal position to heal itself quickly. If your body is healthy, you can break through the barrier of pain, for example when you experience the “runner’s high”

Our society has conditioned us to assign blame outside ourselves, as to why we feel these yucky feelings: “You make me feel…” “I am feeling depressed because…( I lost my job or any other event)” when in fact we feel that way because of our perception (based on our inner programs) of the event. Different people react differently to the same event, because they have different sets of inner programs.

And that is a big problem, because it teaches us to shy away from the “external cause” that is supposedly creating the emotional pain. Emotional pain is different than physical pain: when you allow yourself to feel fully the feeling, and transform its root cause (the original trauma) then the feeling completely dissipates… and is no longer restricting your life.

For example, if you have had a lot of fear in your life, and transform the original trauma around that fear, you experience incredible freedom, as fear no longer rules your life.

When you take the time to look inside and question your own belief system, and dismantle it, then you come to a place of understanding that is greater and more peaceful. It is a new feeling that everyone can share about the same situation. We may have different words to explain the feeling, but there is a commonality and a unity that surfaces. This happens time and time again when I teach workshops and I suggest we all connect and download the highest perspective about something on which some people may have diverging views.

This new truth is inclusive, peaceful, loving … and it feels good! It always leads you to making the highest and best choices for yourself. You are no longer reacting out of fear or anger. As you keep doing this, you gain more and more light within yourself… you gain complete personal freedom!

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