Christmas used to be a time of truce, a time when we all did our best to put aside our bickering, conflicts and old hatred, so as to welcome in our hearts the birth of the Savior.

The time of Christmas’ Truce is once again amongst us. It matters little whether you are Christian or not.  This armistice asks of you that you wholeheartedly embrace it.

Can you do it? Do you have the immense courage required to live in peace? To declare Christmas’ Truce permanently in your life? To put aside your personal history, filled with petty resentments and assumptions and to welcome with a fresh new heart those in our lives?

Are you willing to make peace and clean up your troubled heart, for real, and with no sugar coating? To go beyond the opinions of your personality? And in so doing, to become the Light Being that you know yourself to be deep inside yourself, who leaves in its wake sparkles of love and kindness, and who revive the flickering flame of unsteady beings?

This desire is what moves me in life, more than anything else.  The desire to be an agent of peace and love. It is my reason to live. I measure my progress on this path, by the joy in my heart, my ability to accept others and to share.

This path of light and peace is not a smooth road.  I have to win over the pouty child within, who wants to be right, who requires of me that I choose sides, that I maintain my point of view, and who explains eloquently to me why others are wrong, in her obstinate childish way. I have to fight with love, against the statu-quo, the inertia, my uncertainties and my doubts.

I allow myself the time to become conscious of what has constructed my point of view.  I then bring to it the light and the love of this energy I call Source, so that it dissolves and completely deconstruct.

This requires an immense and secret courage.  No one else but me can measure the road traveled. Those near me can sense my general state of being, but cannot fathom the iron will that each step on this road of Being represents. Our society has conditioned us to measure our progress by our possessions and our actions, rather than by inner well-being or by the peace that irradiates from us.

Those who carry this Peace Standard Flag are a quiet army on Earth, and share the message not by their words, but by the way of being, in a simple way. They are not waiting for medals of bravery for this war of each instant, for this refusal to fight against others or against themselves, for this desire to shine and co-create. They know themselves and each others as Warriors of Light and Love.  Awareness, Forgiveness, Compassion and Humor are their strongest weapon.

I sometimes cross path with one such warrior, on the street, strangers with a clear and sparkly gaze, smiling with no expectations. And we recognize each other by this heart surge that weaves around us a web of love spreading across the earth. Authentic and heart centered, we continue on our way, knowing that we are the forerunners of an awakening multitude.

On Christmas’ Eve, I invite you to join us and to reaffirm your mission of love and peace.  I invite you to join me in the “Christmas’ Truce” and I wish you that it lasts all your life.

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Christmas’ Truce was called Confectioner’s Truce… so this month’s question is “How is Christmas’ Truce sweeter for you than candies?” Send me your responses!  The winning answer wins a free session usable within a month.

Inga B. from Oakville, ON won last months’ session.  Her response was:
“Chocolate is the most wondrous cure for all! When consumed it flows through the entire parasympathetic nervous system, right down to the very points of the toes, then creating roots at the end of the feel to anchor the body to our beautiful mother earth. Creating a beautiful balance for our body mind and spirit, solid and centered. It creates a sense of peace and love within. Nothing can affect us at this time of Bliss.”

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