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Heal, Manifest, Transform

When our consciousness is directly connected to the Source of all energy, everything becomes possible. We can transcend our usual limitations and programming. Our mind quiets down, infinite wisdom becomes available, healing and transformation become common place.

I have experienced the energy of the universe as a living, aware presence. This energy does not discriminate against any particular creed or the absence of spiritual beliefs. I usually call this energy “Source of Love” others call it “God”, “life,” “zero point field,” “creator of all,” “Source of love,” or any other word that suits you.

In time scientists will be able to demonstrate and explain the amazing phenomenon accessible through this type of energy.

It has been shown that when we are completed centered in true ourselves, in Presence, we are connected to Source, where intuition comes to us, instantaneous healings take place and accelerated learning occurs. Einstein trained himself to spend many hours in that state. It is where you feel one with the Universe. I practice maintaining that state and keeping the channel of communication open with the universe.

As we connect to Source and surrender, we let go of the filters and start living more and more from our True Self, a.k.a our soul, our Higher Self. As we continue this process with each connection and surrendering to Source, our mind start quieting down, our intuition highten, and synchronicity and synergy starts to happen in our life.

This state of connection, also called “Shamanic Dreaming” or theta brain waves, enables us to immediately let go of specific thought patterns from all levels on which they are stored in the body and outside the body: cellular memory, genetic or generational patterns, family lines, core beliefs, energy matrix and systems, DNA, etheric bodies and spiritual DNA. Freeing us from these patterns liberates our energy and our free will and allows us to create the life of our dreams.

“Very often a change of self is needed more than a change of scene.”
— Arthur Christopher Benson, British Author

This way of using “Shamanic Dreaming” is what you will learn as part of your Toltec Apprenticeship.  It is the tool that makes the second step of the Toltec journey, “the Mastery of Transformation” a profound and joyous process.

Depending on the issue and the person, the number of sessions needed for a particular issue will vary. Most people however understand that enlightenment is a process, and that The Source Synergy method is a super effective tool for this journey. They therefore book sessions on a regular basis, instead of as a quick fix to transform a particular issue.
It is a comprehensive healing modality, which has been shown to produce physical healings and transformation of underlying thought patterns.

It is however so much more than a healing modality. By creating a partnership with Source and surrendering to it, you open yourself up to the divine creation, and center yourself in the brilliance of your inner being, instead of in your mind or emotions.

The healings and transformation are done by the pure infinite source of energy of life, of love. It remains pure as it comes in you. I act as a catalyst and a witness.

If you wish to learn Quantum Liberation for yourself after having experienced it, you have the option of engaging in the Tribe, or of taking one of the workshops offered.

PLEASE NOTE: We wish to abide by the law and ask you to consider our energy healing sessions as a complement and not a replacement to any care given by a health professional (medical doctor, nutritionist, psychiatrist, psychologist, nurse etc).  After an energy healing session, it may happen that the body goes into a self-healing mode. This cannot be viewed in any way as a direct result of our energy healing sessions.
Thank you for your understanding.

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