Quite a few people were waiting with bated breath for the Great Shift of Dec 21, 2012.  It heralded the end of the world for some, the Apocalypse and great revelations for others, or the beginning of what the Toltecs call “the era of the 6thsun.”

Now that the long awaited date has come and gone, and did not bring a shift of cataclysmic proportion, or a shift into instant bliss, more and more people around me are sinking into greater depths of depression, hurt or anger.

Why? Because the new energy that infuses the earth is stronger, and asks of us that we live in our heart and in our higher brain. The contrasts are becoming sharper. All that is not love in us (all our fears, doubts etc.) are quickly coming up to the surface to be ‘transmuted.’

So many of my friends and acquaintance are going through the same thing these days:  generally optimistic and go getters, they usually feel great and are these days feeling lower than low. They are questioning their spiritual path, their actions and emotions.  Why me? Why now? Maybe my spiritual path is not working!?

If that is the case with you, take it as a compliment: your light is stronger and you can now see what was hidden in the depth of your subconscious mind.

The surface of your mind’s “interior lake” is no longer agitated by constant thoughts, and you have cleaned up your “waters” enough to to see and feel at greater depth. The really primordial survival based hurts are coming up to the surface to be examined and released, now that you have the increased power and clarity to deal with them.

Moreover, the Great Shift is bringing more light, more clarity onto the planet.  A brighter light allows us to see deeper, now that the surface hurts have been released.

Greater contrasts

The New Era brings us the possibility to live in an expanded state of love.  In order to reach this vibration, you must have the courage and will to deeply cleanse yourself of the lower vibrations coming from unhealed emotional patterns.

You are strong enough, powerful enough and loved enough to deal with it with love and compassion the same way you dealt with previous minor hurts.

The Great Shift of December 21 was a Great Cleansing experience for me. Sitting in meditation, waves upon waves of dark feelings emerged to be released to the light. Old hatred, rage, despair that did not even feel to be mine, washed over me to be released like tidal waves.  I felt like I was vacuuming negative energy from people around me to send it up to be transmuted.  It didn’t matter where it came from.

Centered in the light, I allowed the love of the universe to come in and penetrate me to greater depths than ever before.  The cleansing continued for two solid weeks after that.  It was not an easy time, alternating between avoiding my feelings and surrendering to the light.  The light and the love won over, as they always do. I have now reached yet another higher level of well being, centeredness and inner peace.

The wave of love is upon us – Surf it!

The game is rigged in your favor, the universe is benevolent, but you have to do the work. You have to show up, and be willing to become aware of what is hidden in the depth of your subconscious and to surrender it to the light.

Otherwise, those hidden dark feelings will keep on having hidden power over you, holding you hostage, shrinking your power, and drowning you in waves of dark feelings whenever you let your guard down.

The path to freedom and inner power

The mind is a survival tool designed to keep functioning with what it knows, and designed to shut down and divert inquiries into the subconscious. We are usually governed by this part of the lower mind, the reptilian complex.

Until recently, no method could retrieve and transform effectively all the survival brain patterns…

Diving down to its depth to retrieve forgotten hurts is best done with a guide, much like a deep sea diver doesn’t go down solo, but has a crew on ship to assist.

I invite you to dive to liberate yourself from your emotional shackles. You will thus become lighter your consciousness will rise and will be able to surf the wave of energy that is coming onto the earth.

“In a year with Tamara, I have learnt more than in ten years of therapy” Valerie Bell

Within the structure of a one-on-one Toltec apprenticeship, based on the Four Agreements, the Toltec Dreaming, and the new method of accessing and clearing the survival brain patterns, that I am teaching, you can learn to dissolve once and for all the hurts that are preventing you to live completely in your heart.

From today until Valentine’s day 2013, I offer you the first session at half price.

The adventure is not for the undecided! The universe is reaching you – take the help offered and liberate yourself!

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