The rules of this game we call Life are changing. Can you feel it?
The New Era is requesting of us that we learn to center ourselves in our hearts and that we learn to create and manifest in a different way. The old way is no longer functionning so well.

We learnt to establish goals, visualize them, do precise affirmations and take action.

Does that work? Less and less. Why? Because these goals and affirmations are usually the products of our ego. When we are doing this, we are trying to impose our ego-based will on life.
The people around me that I am seeing function like that, are encoutering more and more difficulties. They are on emotional and financial rollercoasters.
On the other hand, my friends and I are being welcomed with greater ease and a sense of being guided, protected and loved. Syncronicities abound. A great number of friends and accointances are telling me about their new way of acting in life.

They are all telling me eerily similar awarenesses: they are learning to trust Source, to let themselves be guided by their connection, to do their work with the primary objective to be of service instead of personal gain (one does not perclude the other) and to let go as to how and when their goal will be met. They are also open to having their goal change if they feel the impulse.

If something doesn’t work in our lives, instead of pouting, being obstinate or demanding that this changes, my friends and I recenter in our hearts and open up to the guidance of spirit.
We take full responsibility for what we have created in our lives and if it is not something we desired, we change our inner alignment by dissolving the subconscious patterns that contributed to create this situation. We then open up our heart and spirit to receive new instructions. And we take action accordingly.

Instead of forcing a specific result to appear in our lives, we cultivate our internal state so as to allow the emergence of the best ‘crop’ of our desires.
If we want more abundance for example, we will cultivate in ourselves the quality required for the growing of abundance in our lives: integrity (respecting our financial commitments), gratitude, being in a giving state of mind (looking to be of service instead of looking to receive first and foremost), the feeling of being supported in life, of feeling safe and secure, of trust etc…

Instead of adding chemical fertilizers (affirmations or forcing ourselves to action) and depleting our soil (or burning out), we enrich our soil (or internal state). Instead of forcing a single crop to grow and opposing ourselves to the pre-existing conditions (saying we don’t want what is in our life), we do permaculture and work with what appears in our life. Sometimes, what seems to be a weed is really a medicinal plant of great value!
Not only is this new way of being bringing more flexibility, adaptability but also more joy and feeling of openess in our heart!

If you want to master this new way of being, Tamara guides a process of the Energence of the True You.

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