Why is this not coming to me???
How long do I have to wait?
What am I doing wrong?
Those are the common cries of anguish I hear people ask me, over and over again, why looking to manifest a specific goal or person in their lives.

Most of us want to jump the gun and manifest our dreams of Heaven on Earth, while we are still too stuck in the muds of Hell… first get yourself unstuck and out of the bog, then concentrate on creating Heaven on Earth.

When we find ourselves creating again and again an unwanted situation, or a lack of what we desire, it is as if we have an inner automatic regulator, an inner automatic thermostat, which regulates our experiences in order to match its automatic settings. The same way a thermostat will bring the temperature in a room up or down to match the pre-set temperature, our inner thermostat will direct us to make choices that will bring our well being up or down, to match its subconscious pre-set level. Having an inner thermostat set at “Life is hell” will evidently produce a very different result than having one that is set at “Life is a wonderful blessing!”

If the under toe currents of our subconscious beliefs or familial patterns are too negative for the particular subject we are manifesting (relationship, money etc.) our inner thermostat is set low at “barely surviving” in that particular area of our lives, and we cannot get the results we would if it was already set higher at “creating fully.”

If that is the case, anytime we start creating something good for ourselves in that area, wham bam, we unconsciously bring ourselves back down, so that our outer reality matches our subconscious inner thermostat. We can do all the affirmations and visualizations, not realizing we are completely sabotaging our efforts subconsciously.

That is the missing piece in the movie “The Secret”, and other wonderful manifesting methods, such as the “SPEC” program from Helene Hadsell, who won over 5000 contests and sweepstakes in the course of 30 years.

First, notice where you are. “If you are in hell, Keep Going” said Winston Churchill, and get yourself out of hell, by transforming your belief systems, by bringing in the light of Love, and cleaning up what bogs you down. Otherwise the forces that keep you in Hell, will just bring you down, again and again, and you will give up and think that you cannot manifest your dream.

You can, and you will, if you are willing to free yourself!

You just need to adjust the dials of your inner programming, to set yourself free and allow yourself to become the divine co-creator you were meant to be!

If you wish to have support in cleaning up the bogs of your inner programming, please give me a call at 1 (888) 685-0247 or from outside North America at 1-716-462-6556. We will set up a phone appointment to help you co-create your dreams’ desires!