A wave of loving energy has just washed through me, just a few minutes before sitting down to write this.  My heart feels open, my being centered in the channel of light that traverses it and inspires it.

Yet, I can easily touch into the fragility of my emotions, and the inner turmoil that was brought to the surface in the last few days.  I choose to stay centered in the faith, the knowing that this light supports me, guides me, and will help me shed the layers of old inner patterns based on fear (judgements, doubts etc), that created the turmoil.

That for me is what faith is all about. This inner knowing that my life is directed by a wisdom and a love greater than what I can tap into with my emotional or mental body alone.  As I invite light in, I choose to consciously re-center into it.  It is as if I was to gather my focus and awareness in that channel of light that traverses my body, as well as in my heart center, instead of letting my focus go outward in my emotional or mental energy bodies where the turmoil reside.

When it is time, I will touch upon these patterns and gently guide the light and the love of my heart to dissolve the blockages that are present in my field.  For now, I choose to stay present in that love, let the words pour in my awareness and write.

I am cultivating the feelings of love, and gratitude in my heart. I wish to share that love with the world. I feel a beam of energy emanating from my heart center, and it feels delicious.

I keep on thinking of the steps of “mastery of awareness” “mastery of transformation” and “mastery of intent” that guide us in the Toltec tradition I have chosen to upheld and share with the world once more, since don Miguel Ruiz gently encouraged me to go back into teaching and introduced me on stage last spring.

Cultivating faith is at the center of it all.  Surrendering and opening up to that light, to that expanded awareness and love that pours through me is what allows me to feel that I am indeed a Toltec, a “artist of the spirit” who creates my life based on my faith, my intent and my love, as best I humanly can.

I am filled with gratitude at being able to guide others to become artist of the spirit in their own lives.  In the six months since I have started teaching the Toltec path again, the people who have chosen to embark on this journey with me, have reported back their inner journey, filled with discoveries and a growing sense of love.  I feel so deeply grateful to be a witness to their emergence.

I invite you to share in our journey.  Spots have opened to start a Toltec Apprenticeship with me, and I welcome your calls of inquiry.

With all my love and gratitude,