The energy sessions are gentle, fun and very profound. No emotional upset or “facing your fears” necessary. Some sessions are very interactive, others mostly silent, and are available in English and French.
I act as a facilitator and a guide, getting insights from Source, scanning your body and your energy system. We then agree on what you would like to focus on, your issue, or area you wish to manifest, the beliefs, patterns, emotions to transform and and blockages to release. The emotional, spiritual or physical healings occur directly between the energy of Source and your own energy (regardless of your creed).

Sessions last about 1 hour, as your energy indicates the completion of a session. Sometimes, many patterns are released very quickly, and the session ends before the hour is up. Other times, a few sessions are needed to get to all the foundational patterns of a specific subject. The duration of the session is not an indication of its efficaciousness.
FOR MORE INFORMATION SEE THE END OF THIS PAGE: how to prepare for a session, what to expect, what’s next after a session…

Please note that sessions will be given only to people who give their express and full consent for the work addressed. No work will be done on a third party and no energy will be sent to another person without their full consent. By taking full responsibility of your own life and shifting yourself, you will create the life of your dreams, without having the need to manipulate or coerce the people around you.

Exceptions: people in a coma, autistic children or children too young to communicate for whom the permission of an accompanying parent is sufficient.

Please note: This work is NOT recommended to be done on a woman in her first two trimesters of pregnancy, as it effects lighting fast changes and profound detoxification of the body.
We ask to you also indicate if you are under the care of a mental health practitioner and/or are taking anti-psychotic drugs. This work is not intended to replace psychiatric care, and the permission of your current mental practitioner will be required if you are currently under the supervision of a mental institution.
We ask of you that you take the time to assess whether or not you are ready for profound transformation in your life before booking a session or registering for a workshop.

I am an ordained minister of God and always keep all information exchanged during a session completely confidential. This work is sacred.

Payment Plans are available 
for seminars, and in some cases, private sessions. If you are experiencing deep financial struggle due to illness or life circumstances, please inform us of your inability to make full payment and we will do our best to work with you on a “love offering” basis. Any session booked without a pre-arranged financial agreement is due in full at the usual rate.

Special Offer
: Receive a session gift certificate for a loved one after referring two new clients.

CALLING NUMBERS: Local calling numbers and international calls
As The Source Synergy taps into non-local energy, following the laws of quantum physics, no physical contact is needed. Telephone sessions are just as effective, if not more, than in person sessions. We have an unlimited calling plan to the USA, Canada and other countries and can call you back upon request.
For your convenience, we have several numbers to use, depending on the location you are calling from.

*** All the following numbers are forwarded at no cost to you, to our office, on the East coast of North America. Pick the most convenient one for you to call.
From the USA, call : 1-716-762-6556 (Buffalo)

From Canada, call : 1-514-448-2661 (Montreal) or 1-647-477-3895 (Toronto)

From Europe, you may use our Paris number 01 72 81 32 81 (please note the time difference, when it is 9am in the North-East, it is 15h in Paris)

We require a 24 hour notice for any cancellation or rescheduling. Any no-show will be charged 1/2 of the session rate. The appointment starts at the time we have scheduled, so please be on time. Pre-paid sessions or gift certificates are to be used within one year, and are not refundable.
Workshops registration include a $150 non refundable deposit. Workshop tuition will be refunded, minus the deposit, up to the day of the workshop. Once the workshop has started and the manual has been distributed, the workshop is no longer refundable. The cost of the workshop can be converted to private sessions if the participant find herself unable to assist to the entire workshop. Please take the time to assess if you are ready to undertake a life changing journey by attending the workshop.

Our sessions and the information on this web site are reference work, not intended to diagnose, prescribe or treat any mental, emotional or physical medical conditions. The sessions and information contained herein are in no way to be considered a substitute for consultation with a professional physician or mental health practitioner.
 The testimonials on this site are not offered as scientific proof that the sessions cause healings or other desirable effects. The sessions provide energy support. Healing may thus be promoted. Not all clients have seen equally impressive developments (during the time they choose to receive sessions) as those described in the testimonials.
Those who use Tamara Messenger’s practice do so by their own choice and, while the sessions may prove efficacious, neither Tamara Messenger, nor the webmaster guarantee or accept responsibility for any specific results.



• Energy transmits better when the body is well hydrated. We recommend that you drink a glass or two of water, and avoid drinking dehydrating beverages such as alcohol or coffee, prior to a session. We also recommend that you stay clear of mind altering substances, a very heavy lunch or illicit drugs before a session. Having a warm cup of herbal tea or a glass of water available to you during the session is also a good idea.

• Your question to ponder prior to the session is: We are operating under the hypothesis that everything is created from the inside out. Transform yourself, and our outside circumstances will start shifting. If you could enhance, transform or let go of anything in your life, what would it be? Of all these issues you came up with, which one would make the most difference in your life if it was resolved? Which issue carries the most emotional intensity? Which one would you like to focus on today? (for example, the feeling of being stuck in your life, … or pervasive self doubt, … or wanting to manifest the best outcome possible out of a business deal or court case…) If you do not have any specific issues, and are booking sessions on a regular basis just to advance you on the path to enlightenment, that is perfectly fine. We will then work on bringing in more light into you, deepening your connection to your authentic self, and letting go of blockages as indicated by your body or energy field.

• We usually will ask you questions about the way your body feels about a certain issue and will work from these feedback. In very rare cases, we will ask you to muscle test specific statements or questions. If this is the case, it would save time if you were to already be familiar with the procedure of muscle testing. If you are not familiar with it, please see the detailed instructions about muscle testing at the end of this page.

• Sneaky “yeah but” attacks in your own mind may impede your healing process. Please share freely the doubts and fear that arise about the healing process itself, so that we can address these as well during the session.

• Please create a space for yourself, free of distraction and demands from your family, so that you can relax and concentrate on the session. Dress in comfortable clothing and sit, lie down or stand in a quiet and confortable place.

• Sometimes, sessions bring up a flood of emotions, that usually pass quite quickly. To prepare for such eventuality, please keep a box of tissue nearby.


• At the start of the session, please let us know what you would like to focus on

• We will ask you to think about this specific issue and if you can feel the resulting emotion, contraction or related sensations in your body and/or energy body

• We will then work silently to bring in light and healing in you, and then ask you for feedback about how you are now feeling about the issue, and continue co-creating a healing for you until the issue feels totally resolved. We will alternate between feedback moments, silent work, questions and feedback and more silent work. You will usually feel a sense of deep peace, relaxation and completion at the end of the session. For some people, a specific issue may requires more than one session. In that case we will then bring you to a new place of balance and equilibrium in order to complete the session. Sessions usually run about one hour.

• During your session you may experience unusual fleeting sensations in your body, even when the session happens over the phone: for example, feeling hands on your body, having your body start moving on its own, or having sudden yawns, burps, jerks, sharp sensation in a specific area of your body, a feeling of nausea or dizziness. All of these are usually just symptoms of energy being shifted and releasing from your body. Please let us know when these occur so that we can focus our attention on letting the energy flow and rearrange itself with ease and grace. That said, some people feel nothing, and the only way they know something has occured is through muscle testing and thinking about the issue. Sometimes, they only notice the change after the fact, when they notice that they no longer behave a certain way, or that a solution has coincidentally appeared about the issue at hand.


• Please schedule your session so that you have time to rest and readjust after the session. Allow your body and your mind some time to rest. Your reaction may differ from session to session, and is different for everyone. Sometimes you may feel ready to take a nap immediately after your session, while some other time you may feel extremely energized and light. Some people love to take a warm salted bath to further allow their body to relax and readjust.

• Your body will continue to shift, readjust, release and integrate for some time after your session. We suggest you support its cleansing process by continuing to drink plenty of fluids, and staying away from alcohol and drugs.

• You may experience further emotional release after a session, such crying, unexplained sadness, bubbling anger or irritability. Most likely, you may experience a higher level of well being after a session, and feel greater degrees of joy, inner peace, self confidence, heart openness, gratitude, compassion and love towards yourself and others. This higher state lasts for a few hours, a few days, or a few weeks… until you get triggered by another issue. Further healing sessions will allow you to gradually move up the scale of well being, and stay centered in this wonderful state more and more of the time, until it becomes permanent. Healing, or enlightenment, is a journey, and happens in stages, in layers.

• You may experience further physical release after your session, such as runny nose, feeling a bit lethargic for a day or two, greater bowel movements, feeling achy. If this happens, we usually drink plenty of fluid and allow ourselves to rest. On the other hand, you may experience greater physical well being, such as feeling more alive, more energetic, being more present in your body, release of long standing tension or pain.

• Your degree of release after your session will most likely varie from session to session, as your body gets used to processing rapid energy shifts.

• Your conscious mind will often readjust so quickly after the issue is resolved that it may forget how you were prior to the transformation and discount the process (your inner chatter will try to convince you that “The issue was never really a problem anyway”). It may also go on to the next issue, and focus on the next thing to transform. Allow yourself the grace to focus on the present, have gratitude for the awesome healing journey you have embarked on, and give your body rest.

Please note that muscle testing is used to test what your body believes, not what is the best for you. We are using muscle testing to uncover the attitude or subconscious beliefs that you wish to have transformed. A “yes” answer means that the belief or attitude are held by your body. It does not mean that these are true. We rarely use muscle testing, however it is useful to familiarize yourself with the procedure.

• Make sure you are well hydrated, drink water and have some near you.

• Stand up, facing north with your hands hanging loosely at your side. You are standing in a slightly relaxed, neutral position.

• Say out loud “Yes, Yes, Yes”. Which way did your body sway? Forward? or backward? This position is your “YES” answer. Some people’s “yes” sway forward for yes, and some sway backward. Some people’s reaction vary from day to day. It is therefore useful to test your “yes” position anew each time. Your body movement may vary from subtle to profound. Some people need to say whichever statement they are testing out loud, some others only need to think it for their body to sway.

• Say out loud “No, No, No”. Which way did your body sway? Forward? or backward? This position is your “NO” answer.

• Say out loud “Am I well hydrated ?” Which way did your body move? If “NO” was the answer then drink some water.

• Say out loud “My name is [state you name] ?” Which way did your body move ? If “NO” was the answer then drink some water to get some hydration into your body. Answer may be unclear.

• Say out loud “My name is [state a name other than yourself] ?” Which way did your body move ? That should give you a “NO” answer. If “YES” was the answer then drink some water to get some hydration into your body. Please note that some people no longer identify themselves with their personality’s name. This question would thus rightfully give a “no” answer. If that is the case, test for a statement you are sure you do not believe, such as “I am a purple turtle dove”

• Muscle testing allows you to discover hidden beliefs held in your body. We will have you test the appropriate statement, should the need arise during the session.