(published as February’s newsletter)

St Valentine has had me think fondly of all of you with whom I have crossed paths over the years. Know that I’m sending you my love.
May self-love be the love you find this year, may it shine far and wide… and may you claim your gift of the annoying people! (see article below).

To be honest with you, I have been a bit in a “cave mode” in a self retreat since September, to bounce back from the accidental death of a loved one. I’m back, recharged and renewed, ready to share with you the amazing, and often funny, stories of transformation.

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In the words of:
“I wanted to let you know how valuable your private sessions with me have been!!! They had done a world of good, and brought on results I would never have imagined possible, and that I am still processing today.
Never would I have thought that I could have normal interactions, or even an affectionate relationship with the person with whom I had so much difficulties communicating with – and that’s what happened when I saw him again during the holidays.

It’s incredible, I could not even recognize myself with him, as interacting with him used to be so difficult and anxiety producing. It had been going on for over 20 years that this conflict had been going on, and it was permeating negatively the whole ambiance with my family – we couldn’t even talk, can you imagine!

And now, it is as if there had never been any problems, and that we always had gotten along.
Thank you a thousand times, Tamara, from the bottom of my heart and my soul. I don’t have words to translate what I feel, it’s INCREDIBLE and to quote a word that you’ve often told me: it’s simply GREAT.”

Dorie. (translated from French) Marseille,France, 01/2010


Around Valentine’s day, there seems to be a frenetic race to prove that we love, and that we are loved. We measure how much we are loved by the gifts or chocolates we receive.
And if we don’t get as much as we’d like, or if we are single, our self love and self esteem is sure to take a dive.

What if we were looking in the wrong place? To others instead of inside ourselves?
What if love is not so much a feeling that is sent and received, but just the expression of who we truly are? What if self love is the beginning and end of all loves?
How would that change the way you relate to yourself and your loved ones?

You know how some people are like warm fire? A cozy warm feeling emanates from them. When you are near them, your heart opens, your mind calms down, and all is well.

Other people, on the other hand, pull on your energy and drain you. They are constantly looking for reassurance and proof that they are loved, and as a result, end up repelling the very people they were looking to attract.

The difference between these two types of people is really very simple. The first ones have discovered how to have self love, love coming from inside, to feel at peace with themselves, and love life. They know how to take care of themselves. Their energy of self love feeds them, and all around them.

The second ones are disconnected from who they truly are. They have forgotten how to be with themselves. They cannot love themselves through the pain that is stored in them. They need constant distractions, numbing activities, (TV, food, work, social activities…) in order to keep their focus outside of themselves, and avoid feeling the pain. They feel lonely and unloved. For them, self love is self centered, instead of being an unconditional loving energy that feeds all.

So, how do you get from one state to the other? By practicing awareness and compassion towards yourself. By learning to be there for yourself. Being your own best friend. Doing the things you love. Diving deep into the emotional muddy waters of your subconscious, and bringing love into it. Love is your natural state. It has been obscured by layers of negative emotions.
It won’t necessarily be an immediate shift, depending on the level of hidden pain you have been living with, but self love is a sure destination. Once you commit to learn self love, you will. Guaranteed. All the love you need and crave resides within you. It is just a matter of clearing the debris so that self love, love coming from yourself, can warm you, always.

Love is who you are, not what you seek.

This summer, I invited into my life a person who turned out to, unbeknownst to themselves, be my greatest spiritual teacher yet (if your idea of a spiritual teacher is someone who whacks you until you get, that is.) They showed me, by their mere presence, all the unhealed places in me, that needed urgent TLC. Why urgent? Because, ahem, ahem… I invited them into my home for 6 months, to do someone a favor, disregarding the pit in my stomach that should have been a fair warning from my intuition. The house is well divided and you can spend days without interacting if you so choose, so I didn’t think it was going to be a big deal. I ended up being away most of that time, but the few weeks that we did cohabit were very intense.

Within a day of them being there, without them doing or saying anything, I was in a state of seething blind rage. Just by being in their presence. Oh, yeah! That was not pretty. And very unusual too. Didn’t know I had it in me. I don’t remember ever feeling like that, but then again, I was really good at numbing myself, playing dead for the bear, and burying my emotions when I was a kid.

So here I was, completely unable to function, my mind racing spewing all the reasons why I hated this person (whom I had just met). A feeble attempt at meditating and clearing with Source did not alleviate the torrent of powerlessness, hatred, anger and rage that was spewing out of me. For no reason. (please note that I was not taking it out on them, I was just feeling it.) To be honest, I did find a lot of good reasons to assign my feelings to them, but I know better. I know that whatever feelings arise from a situation or an interaction with a person come from my inner programming, and is just brought to the surface by the person or situation, instead of them “causing” the feeling in me, as it is commonly agreed upon.

After three days of this regimen, I went outside, barefoot, in an attempt to rebalance and ground myself. I felt the big pine tree beckon me, and invite me to put my hands and forehead on its trunk. All of a sudden, a big surge of energy came up from the depths of me, and surged into the tree, and down into the earth. Bewildered, I felt that the out-of-control anger had now gone down to a very manageable level. Filled with gratitude, I thanked the tree silently.

This person was triggering old familial patterns, beliefs systems, old wounds, was trying to drain my energy, in such rapid fire ways that I finally understood what it was to hate someone. Not an emotion that I’m really familiar with, as I’ve done so much clearing work, that I’m pretty evenly calm around people these days… very funny! I was amused at my mind scheming revenge on that person, knowing full well that I was not going to engage in it, and that as soon as I shifted, the revenge scheme would naturally vanish.

One of my motto has been to learn to love everyone. Mmm, let me revise that. I felt that the universe was teasing me: “Oh, you want to learn to love everyone? Great, let me send you one of the person who is the most incompatible with you. Learn to love them!” Ok, so now, I still have the same goal, and I’m willing to learn and let go profoundly and rapidly, but “with ease and grace!!!” No more crazy all consuming lessons, thank you very much!

I continued doing clearings during my meditations with Source, clearing up the family lines, sensing blocked energy, old patterns of paralysis, powerlesness, despair, self avoidance, sometimes hearing beliefs systems as they were let go of, although it was non-verbal most of the time. I learned to stand up for myself, to be compassionate yet assertive, to let go of defensiveness, and most importantly, to not engage in someone’s desire for conflicts, and instead hold my space in the highest light.

As the powerlessness layers lifted, I started feeling that yes, I am really truly the creator of my life, even in circumstances that seem beyond my control. I got on the deepest level, living now what I have been teaching all along: focus on the desired outcome and desired feelings, in order to bring about that new reality, instead of resisting what is. I am calm, grounded, and grateful.

As I tranformed, this person immediately responded to my new vibration, and stopped engaging in conflict, going about their life peacefully.

As the heavy lest bags of negative, life draining energy, lifted out of me, I felt myself getting lighter and lighter. I’m starting to experience times of oneness and complete peace with the universe, and it is a beautiful thing.

My time with this person is coming to an end. I am very grateful for all the lessons that they’ve brought me. That is what I call the gift of the annoying people. They show you the places in you where your power and your love have been blocked, and if you are so willing, you then have the opportunity to take them up on the gift they are bringing you, and reclaim that love and power that always were yours.

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Chocolate that is actually good for you, and will promote a good mood!

4 tablespoons raw coconut butter, (or coconut oil and shredded coconut)
2 tablespoons raw cacao (tons of amazing antioxidants)
melt the coconut butter at very low heat, and mix.
Add honey or agave to taste
Drizzle vanilla extract and/or cinnamon
A tiny pinch of sea salt to balance the taste

Sweets are a great way to deliver superfoods that are super good for you.
If you have these superfoods, make sure to add them to the mix:
– maca (regulates hormones)
– bee pollen (yummy and great health booster)
– e3brain on (algae formula that actually makes you happy and focused)
Mix everything, and make sure to taste so that you can adjust to your liking. Make little balls, and roll them in hemp seed or crushed hazelnuts for a decorative touch

Here is a super easy recipe to make at home, with ingredients more commonly found in any kitchen:
Scoop the meat out of 2 avocado
1 banana
Add 3 – 4 tablespoon raw cacao (or powdered dutch cacao)
Honey to taste
Vanilla extract
Pinch of sea salt
Pinch of cayenne pepper

Mix everything in a blender, until smooth. Taste and adjust. Put in tall wine glasses, with berries or sliced bananas in layers. It’s pretty and delicious… and it’s good for you!