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You can experience the gift of deep inner transformation with:

individual sessions, (see below) or

– Year long coaching (coaching) or

– in a workshop.

Sessions are gentle, fun and confidential. Profound shifts seem completely natural and easy. Your life can quickly becomes joyous, powerful and ecstatic instead of problematic.

PLEASE NOTE: We wish to abide by the law and ask you to consider our energy healing sessions as a complement and not a replacement to any care given by a health professional (medical doctor, nutritionist, psychiatrist, psychologist, nurse etc).  After an energy healing session, it may happen that the body goes into a self-healing mode. This cannot be viewed in any way as a direct result of our energy healing sessions.
Thank you for your understanding.

Emotional Transformation Sessions
Reality is created from the inside out: what we believe determines our feelings and our actions and therefore the reaction of our environment.

“If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself but to your own estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment.”~ Marcus Aurelius

It is commonly thought that our deeply ingrained thought patterns or behaviors are part of our personality and cannot be changed. It is not so. They can be transformed energetically, allowing us to redefine who we are from the inside out and co-create the way our heart desires.

What is ready to be transformed naturally comes up. I act as a witness and a catalyst for your own transformation.

The newly transformed patterns support you in becoming your true self and help you move in the direction you want to go. This method is unique and fast. It does not implant an affirmation on top of the existing pattern.

We access, clear and transform all patterns while respecting your individuality. We identify and transform the roadblocks, life long patterns, feelings and beliefs that get in your way. We resolve buried toxic emotions. We access cellular memory; generational patterns “past life” agreements, and unconscious beliefs without needing to track and become consciously aware of each belief. This creates a domino effect, transforming hundreds of other related patterns in its wake.

When you transform your subconscious beliefs, you quiet your mind, dissolve your judgments, and allow yourself to live in the moment, with an open heart. .

You may want to have sessions centered on a specific area of your life. 
You may also choose to integrate the sessions in a comprehensive program designed to enable you to completely transform your life, uncover and transform all your life depleting beliefs, and live in complete inner-directed happiness. See “Toltec Coaching” for more information about this apprenticeship program.

Physical Healing Sessions
People have reported healing beyond the scope of traditional medicine. Please look at the testimonial page for more information about the some of the results experienced by clicking on this link for testimonials

This is the most amazing and the most comprehensive way of guiding a healing I have ever had the privilege of encountering, however there is never any guarantee that a healing will take place or when it will. Some conditions require the elimination of toxins from your body and/or environment. Unless lifestyle changes are made, they will not improve.
 Some conditions have an emotional component, which also needs to be cleared.
Our work is not intended to replace professional medical advice and/or treatment.

DNA Activation
DNA has been shown to modify itself over one’s lifetime. There are latent portions of the DNA whose purpose have long baffled the scientists. With directed energy, the strands reconnect to each other. Latent abilities encoded in these strands becomes readily available, providing: 
 stronger connection to Spirit (aka Higher Power) 
 stronger psychic and intuitive senses
 stronger body: strengthened immune system, rejuvenation and vitality, and toxin clearing 
 stronger sense of self and ability to create your path

Here are a few areas of your life in which this work can help you:

Personal and Spiritual Growth
Live life to the fullest, free of self sabotaging mechanisms
Attain complete personal freedom, love and happiness. Become free to live life fully in the moment. You will gain years of “working on yourself.” Any patterns transformed actually clears hundreds of related beliefs at the same time.

Self confidence, Self love, Relationships, Intimacy
Learn to live life from a place of love and acceptance. As you dissolve life-depleting patterns, you will feel at peace, respond to people from your heart and start making healthier choices. Boost intimacy or attract the right partner as you dissolve roadblocks, embarrassments, resentments, judgments and self-conscious thoughts.

Create and Appreciate Abundance
Transform all beliefs and your point of view related to money and abundance. Uncover and transform ancestral patterns you didn’t even know you had. Create a fully abundant life in all areas.

Optimum Weight and Body Image
Emotional issues, genetic predisposition, food allergies, presence of toxic substances in your body, metabolic imbalance and ancient generational beliefs. Our approach addresses all levels.

Enhance Performance in Work, Sports, Studies, and Art
Success depends on the ability to welcome change. Begin a new undertaking without limiting beliefs to hold you back. Learn how to continually adapt your thinking and self management skills. Dissolve your blocks to perform better, concentrate more easily, tackle difficult subjects with greater ease, boost memory retention and reduce stress.

Health Issues
Call on me if you have mysterious ailments, tenacious pains, have genetic conditions, or are about to undergo surgery or want to accelerate your healing. Any cells or DNA may be commanded to heal. Physical healings are done in conjunction with belief transforming sessions, to allow for the full healing to occur and be integrated in your system. I also welcome working hand in hand with your medical doctor or other holistic practitioners. Because this healing work relies on the universal energy to which all life forms are connected, it works just as well long distance over the phone or in person.

Energy balancing
Our bodies seem “solid” but are swirling latticework of force fields, constantly rebalancing themselves, in order to sustain us. Learn how to keep your energy humming. Simple “take home” exercises make a huge difference for stress relief, performance and concentration.

Give your baby the gift of the greatest possible life s/he can have. A session on you and/or on your baby will help you both better communicate, and erase any birth traumas that are usually happen during a “normal” hospital birth. Have you ever wished you could know what your baby need, instead of worrying and fretting? Are you longing for a sense of inner calm as your energy feels pulled on by the needs of your newborn? All of these can be addressed in a phone session. You will be amazed how your relationship with your baby blossoms once the energy is balanced.

Children and Teens
Sessions are very empowering for them as I give them daily simple tools to strengthen and protect themselves. Behavioral difficulties stops as patterns are transformed and the child becomes more balanced.

In Times of Crisis
Sometimes, the universe knocks but we don’t hear the call until life hits you hard and the ground starts moving from under you. A crisis is often the motivating factor to start recognizing and dissolving hidden patterns.
Divorce or imminent separation
Grief or death of loved ones
Despair or depression
Any fears or phobia
Post stress syndrome
Recurring nightmares

Our method works fast. No need to “face your fear”. We totally release the energy blocks, beliefs and patterns. I offer you a unique opportunity to use your time of crisis as a doorway to an extraordinary life.

Ancestral Patterns, Karma and Soul Retrieval
There are different names given to energy links that exist between people and places. Reclaiming the energy given away as “soul fragments” gives you back your power and enables you to let go of unhealthy relations or patterns, created in your lifetime or passed down to you.

Space Clearing
If you have “bad vibes” in your new apartment or house, we can “clear the air” for you. Especially useful when moving into a new home, wanting to rent or sell a place, a failing business, after a long illness, the ending of a relationship or a traumatic event that has occurred on premises.


The individual sessions of helaing or transformation are done using the “Shamanic Dreaming” energy.  You may choose to learn and master this way of connecting your consciousness to the Infinite, by engaging in a Toltec Apprenticeship.  Please see Toltec Coaching page for more details.


Training seminars in the Source Synergy transformation and healing method are organized upon request in your home town.  Please contact Tamara for more details. See more details on the Method page.

Power Journeys to Teotihuacan or other places of power are organized usually during the winter.  No power journeys are planned for the winter of 2017 at this time.

Contact Tamara 1-514-448-2661 or 1-716-462-6556. From Europe (France) (33)1-72-81-32-81

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