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After an energy healing session, it may happen that the body goes into a self-healing mode. This cannot be viewed in any way as a direct result of our energy healing sessions.
For that reason, we will not post any testimonial which describes a self healing phenomenon.
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Below you will find testimonials about :
the Toltec path, year long coaching
– individual sessions (on the phone or in person)
the training seminars


Strong Bright Light
There is a strong bright light in this room, and it is coming from you. You will have much success as a healer. You heal with your words, you are a messenger of God. (translated from Spanish)
Mother Sarita, Toltec Shaman, mother of don Miguel Ruiz (author of The Four Agreements)
May 2002, San Diego

How to love my life
My life was a mess, I was so unhappy with everything and everybody. Intellectually, I understood that everything bothering me was simply just a reflection of my own inner world. Emotionally though, I wasn’t willing to take on that responsibility! I would much rather be angry, blame everybody else, and maybe even run away and start over! This cost a lot of energy, and in the end I just wanted to be happy. Tamara’s (…) coaching is the tool that is making this possible. Taking responsibility and being honest with yourself is the hardest part, it’s not about anybody else but you. In three months I have cleared and moved through so much, and it’s really been more fun than not. Today, I realized that my outer world is starting to change too. It’s so exciting! I feel happy, I have energy, I want to take care of myself, prosperity is starting to show up, and the tension my husband and I have been feeling for the past eight months is starting to dissolve. This is just the tip of the iceberg, I can’t wait to see what’s next!
B. Delaney – Sacramento, California (phone sessions)

It is so natural
I am transforming before my very eyes, Tamara. I can hardly believe the peace I am experiencing from practicing these Four Agreements. I have really been practicing them, too. I had a bit of a rough time at first, because I had to tell the truth to myself about where I wasn’t practicing them. In the face of such much rationalization and justification, I was not happy with myself but when I realized that it was part of the process, I quit being so upset with myself and allowed myself the comfort of knowing that, if I had violated an agreement, all I had to do was NOT DO IT AGAIN! And if necessary, I could even apologize to whomever I had spoken inappropriately to, or about… As you know, it has been magical – you told me this worked quickly. I was skeptical. But now, I can see WHY it would work quickly. It is so natural.
Joy – Wisdom Group participant, San Diego, California

Filled with wonder
Tamara’s teachings touch your heart and fill you with wonder and laughter.
Mary E Zimmerman

I can move forward from here
Thank you for coaching me last Wednesday. It was of great help to me and I have been full of joy since! I purchased the book you recommended (The Pathfinder) and have been diligently working through it. It has been extremely helpful for me. I am no longer letting my financial situation hold my brain and body hostage. The block is gone and I know I can move forward from here and find a rewarding career I can enjoy and start my own business down the road. I am rediscovering my passions and plan to follow my heart. Thank you again and please let me know if there is anything I can do for you!
Karen Hummel, Texas, USA (phone session)


This is Science-Fiction!
One of my best testimonials: “I think that to be able to do what she does now, Tamara took Science Fiction classes when she was young”
Gabin, 8 years old

Tams, I’ve searched high and low, travelled many miles to get the healing I’ve been searching for, that I got from you today. I need for nobody, but your tender, loving, and highly intuitive self. You are a true gift, my words cannot convey the gratitude that I have for you, my dear friend. Thank you.
Bobbi Shellard, Toronto
(June 2016, over the phone)

Constant tension is gone
I was just out with my friend when I noticed I felt quite different than usual. The fear that I usually held in my belly was no longer there. I was so unaware of the tension I held in my body that I didn’t notice it was there until it was gone. It seems both me and my friend have been harboring fears energetically. It was after an hour and a half that I felt the tension starting to make a comeback (for whatever reason), so i guess there still needs more work to be done. That being said, I’d like to book another session with you. I am available (in my timezone) this mon, tues, weds and the weekend. The earlier you can make it the better as I’m quite eager for another session. 
John, Australia, February 2012
(phone session)

Profound experience
My experiences in working with Tamara have been profound, from clearing deep rooted childhood & familial patterns to present day fears & blockages. These clearings, occurring in an atmosphere of complete trust, acceptance, confidentiality, & usually even fun(!), either in person or over the phone, have had immediate, noticeable effects in my ability to be fully present, empowered, & alive. The rapid healing of physical conditions has been even more immediate & wonderful!
T. M., Buffalo, January 2010

An enemy has morphed into a friend, all of a sudden
I wanted to let you know how valuable your private sessions with me have been!!! They had done a world of good, and brought on results I would never have imagined possible, and that I am still processing today.
Never would I have thought that I could have normal interactions, or even an affectionate relationship with the person with whom I had so much difficulties communicating with – and that’s what happened when I saw him again during the holidays.
It’s incredible, I could not even recognize myself with him, as interacting with him used to be so difficult and anxiety producing. It had been going on for over 20 years that this conflict had been going on, and it was permeating negatively the whole ambiance with my family – we couldn’t even talk, can you imagine!
And now, it is as if there had never been any problems, and that we always had gotten along. Thank you a thousand times, Tamara, from the bottom of my heart and my soul. I don’t have words to translate what I feel, it’s INCREDIBLE and to quote a word that you’ve often told me: it’s simply GREAT.
Dorie from Marseille, (translated from French) France, January 2010 (phone session) 

Phenomenal experience
You are a natural leader, a deeply compassionate woman, someone to count on no matter what, and laughter-provoking through your ability to work at a frequency that makes the world’s seriousness immediately absurd.
Thank you.
Eric Pomert, Berkeley, June 2009

Resources are just coming to me!!
Hello Tamara!
Thank you again for the phenomenal experience that altered my being over the course of such a short hour in a way equating to, and surpassing years of therapy…WHOA! You rock!!!
I have been existing in a world of new found peace… This year I’ve had the gift of witnessing my infant daughter explore and delight in aspects of her new world, and these past few days (since our session) I’ve almost felt like her peer. No longer a witness, but a mover in a world with far fewer imposed restrictions than I even realized I had placed upon myself. I am filled with an inner space which I had been longing for in my outer world, before me I see so many choices where prior to our session I felt that choice did not exist!!
You were absolutely right – and although I have known it for years, preached it to my friends- the choices that I’ve made over the past few days have completely altered the way in which people are responding to me… and so it would seem altering their choices as well….golly gosh… I could go on and on…!!!!!
I am so excited at the possibilities that more work with you will bring. I will be singing the praises of you and your work to many….xo Leslie
Leslie Dupuy, Toronto, 2009 (phone session)

Blocks removed
Thank you so much for helping me remove all of my blocks.  I feel much light now and I’m producing work and resources are just coming to me!!!  AHHH!!!  Awesome radical totally COOL!  Love it, love it!
Flo Li, San Diego, 2007

In tune with my true desires
Since meeting Tamara my life has shifted entirely. I am now in the driver’s seat and I am more in tune with my true desires and how to achieve them than I have ever been. I am more at peace with my family, more accepting of my coworkers, and ‘those people’ out there in the world don’t bother me nearly as much, if at all most days. I had no idea it was possible to live without being so heavily affected by the dramas and hardships of those around me. And the best part of all: The people around me are starting to believe that they too can change the way they are existing in the world upon seeing my own example!
Alyssa Sweeten, Venice, CA, February 2009

One year with you has been  more efficient than ten years
Nothing truly describes the deep transformations that have happened under Tamara’s gentle care. I have learned more and felt better in one year’s time than I have in ten years. Better results in 1 year than in 10!
Valerie Bell, San Diego, 2005

At long last, no more negative energies!
I would like to express my gratitude to Tamara and her work. I am a shaman, and I’ve always been plagued by different negative energies that would invade me. I was used to thinking that it is just a inherent part of this type of work of my sensitivity but I couldn’t take it anymore, and was wishing to find a way to escape this fate. Thank God I asked Tamara’s help and the Source with which she is in direct connection. Everything has changed!!! Everything has changed!! I repeat: Everything has changed … what freedom finally, and what enhanced performances as I practiced the art of shamanism. Thank you so much for this transformation. Long live Tamara and her generosity. Thank you to the infinite Source of light and love. (translated from French)
A-M K. Paris, 2008.

Lost 5 lbs in a day
Dear Tamara, Thank you for the (phone) session. It was one of the most powerful I have ever had. Very interesting, I lost 5 pounds of physical weight that day. I am moving forward with a new zeal.
Susan Haymaker – Joyful Movement Studio, San Diego, California

The blocked energy left the very cells of my being
Tamara walked me through several life experiences where I had felt ‘blocked’ and brought me to a place of ‘integration’ in each of them… don’t know what she did, but I could actually feel the blocked energy melt away and leave the very cells of my being. Again, Thank you and God Bless. Looking forward to seeing you when you come to Kamloops!
Linda – Kamloops, BC, Canada

I am impressed!
WOW! Am I IMPRESSED! And as an energy healer myself, I don’t say that lightly. I was amazed as Tamara found and released, old emotions that I was only vaguely aware I was still holding on to. We ended my session with my feeling a sense of tremendous joy bubbling up from within me, where before I had felt fear. I am now feeling much more connected to my body and my emotions, with a sense of joy, almost glee, as I think about life. My session with Tamara is the most amazing session I have ever experienced in many years of training and experiencing energy work. In fact, it was so amazing, I almost don’t know what to say – I’m just feeling so much joy that it can’t be expressed in words. Can hardly wait to set up more sessions with her!
CB – Kamloops, BC, Canada

God presence
In working with Tamara I found her to be very precise in identifying what was going on with me. She was gentle in her approach and quick to get to the core of each issue and quickly clearing them. I came away from the session feeling a lot lighter and happy! My hat’s off to you Tamara for the God presence you are!
RV – Palos Verdes, California

Everything has come alive
After my second session with Tamara I was amazed at how bright my world became. It was like someone removed many layers of filters from my eyes and what I now see is a world where all the colors of my surroundings are more vivid and full of light. Everything has come alive.
Debbie Vince, Director – Business Development, Principal Financial Group, Irvine, California

Pinpoint accuracy
Tamara has a beautiful, gentle, gift of intuition which guides and magically accesses with pinpoint accuracy just the place to bring you to a new level of clarity and understanding.
Dianna Sky Walker: Utah, Holographic Repatterning practitioner and Theta healing teacher

New movement in my life
Just a note to thank you for all of your help today. I appreciate your efforts so much! On my drive home I noticed (new) movement in the bones in my neck. By the time I got home the bones in my head were moving. My thoughts are staying more positive, and not moving to the negative when they might have before. (…) Thanks again!
(2nd session:) “I really feel wonderful and happy!
Kathy Elrod – Theta Healing Practitioner

Many Theta Healers would benefit from her program
Dear DNA Healers, I just returned from the first DNA 2 (advanced) extended seminar. Many of you on this site also attended. For those of you who did not, I highly recommend it. (…) I also met a remarkable healer named Tamara Messenger from San Diego. I couldn’t believe how quickly she was able to communicate with God about my core belief blocks and she was right on. She reached an area that I have known about all my life but didn’t know what it was or why. She really blew me away! She is doing a phone seminar starting in November. (…) I would love to do it but (…) I am leaving in November for a 7 month trip on our boat. (…) Knowing her skills and personality, I am sure that many of you would benefit from her program. Hope your lives are full of the Creators energy and love. If not, don’t forget you can have it any time you wish.
Love, Sue
Sue Linehan – Theta Healing practitioner Yahoo newsgroup

Going through grief
After my mom died, I felt lost and depressed. Tamara has touched me in a profound way with her compassionate and practical teachings.
Barbara – San Diego, California

Speaking engagement
I wanted to take a minute to thank you again for your generosity in coming to our campus and speaking to our college ambassadors (…). It was such a pleasure to meet you, and we all totally enjoyed your speech! Your upbeat, friendly and humorous demeanor kept the student’s attention, while at the same time passing on your wisdom and experience to them. I can’t thank you enough for your support and involvement in training and developing these students into capable, prepared, top notch young adults. (…) Thanks again!
Michele N. Edwards – Coordinator of Special Events and Programs, Admissions and Relations with Schools, University of California, San Diego, California

Calm pre and post operation
A little note to give you news of the operation… Mommy and I changed the dressing yesterday and she is thrilled because the stitching are all clean and really neat. The nurses were flabbergasted that I was so calm… Which proves the (belief & post operative healing) phone sessions really worked! Lots of love.
Deborah Pigou, 15 years old, Paris, France

Incredible intuition
After only 2 sessions with Tamara, I am feeling better than I have in years, maybe ever. Not only has she helped me with a chronic pain problem, the work that we have done together has changed some deep seated beliefs. I am now happier, more peaceful, more relaxed, less judgmental, more loving and have more energy than in a very long time. Her incredible intuition, along with a sincere desire to find the core issues and a persevering attitude to overcome a lot of resistance on my part has produced some remarkable results. I will forever be grateful.”
…(a few days later)…” Dear Tamara, It has been only 10 days since our last session, and yet it seems much longer. I feel like I have transformed to the next level, at least in my journey of well being. (…) Thank you for your wonderful work. I think it took awhile to integrate. Today is the best I have felt in over 2 years. With blessings and gratitude.
Paul Flashenberg – San Diego, California

I sleep!
I am so grateful for the simplicity and profoundness of Tamara’s healing. The sleep (issue), which had left me gasping for breath for over 10 years, cleared in one single session with her. My sleep hasn’t been troubled once since my session 4 months ago. This is a dream!
S. Cruchet – Mexico, 2002

Tamara is absolutely incredible! She helped me tremendously in just one session. In just one hour, we were able to shed 40 years of emotional baggage – and it was great to be able to work with another raw foodist on this! I feel SO much better about myself now – it’s amazing! BTW, you may not know this, but Tamara has lost about 60 pounds herself since going raw- she living proof that her method really works!
Vera, organiser of the Raw Food meetup in San Diego

From scared of dogs to puppy love
I had always been afraid of dogs. When you told me the fear could go away, I didn’t believe you and I didn’t want to do anything about it because I was scared. We were in a café where a big dog was. Twenty minutes into our session, I even forgot I had ever been afraid and thought the dog was rather cute. After one additional session, I am not afraid anymore and love to play with dogs!
Victor Pigou – 11 years old, Paris, France, Novembre 2002
Note: Because the patterns are so totally released and transformed, the shift is naturally integrated, and the natural tendency is to disregard the process. The transition into the new behavior appears seamless.

Life changing workshop

Tamara’s workshop was life-changing for me. I continue to apply the techniques and strategies taught in my own life and those of my friends. I had serious doubts about the new age radical ideas of how easy it could be to change lives and heal. But the proof is in the outcome. I can say with 100% accuracy that the (Quantum Liberation) system truly works. I will use it for the rest of my life. I look forward to spreading Tamara’s word to my audience on Raw Vegan Radio!
Steve Prussack – Raw Vegan Radio

Amazing. Simple, clear and easy
The techniques are amazing. Simple, clear and easy. Brilliant technique that can be applied to any situation. I shifted major belief systems that I had been holding onto my whole life…in minutes! Major healing!

Practical application of The Secret
A most excellent experience… I definitely recommend (this workshop) as a means of practically applying “The Secret.” Very practical and pleasingly simple concepts and techniques. Thank you so much!
Trent A.Kashan, Los Angeles

Most powerful technique
By far the most powerful and splendidly simple technique of connecting directly to the Source of All that Is, to co-create the reality you desire to live in.
James Palombo – WorldEssense.com

A new dawn
Six months ago I attended my first Theta Healing workshop. I was so excited as something inside of me knew that this work could really make a difference and start my healing journey.
Several months, and endless hours of Theta practising later however, I had a growing sense of “there is something missing.”
I was starting to become uncomfortable with the belief work (replacing old ‘negative’ beliefs with ‘positive’ beliefs that work better) and felt that instead of releasing the pain stuck inside and coming closer to the Grace and light that I in fact am, I was actually just rearranging the emotional furniture within, in order to function better in the outside world and manifest worldly desires.
Was this really what the Source of All That Is wants for us?
I wasn’t so sure.
I put out the call to the universe to take me to what I call ‘beyond theta’ and a few weeks later I was led to Tamara’s website. I cried. I didn’t know why and when I went up and asked the Sourcce of All That Is, I was shown the image of a sunrise and the words “a new dawn.”
Finding Tamara is like coming home.
There is an exquisiteness and a depth to her (previous version of Quantum Liberation) work that I find missing in conventional Theta Healing, allowing me to release my ‘stuff’ and experience the purity of my being. I am soo excited!

Tanya Sheikh, Thetahealing practitioner, Amsterdam, The Netherlands – August 2008