Your words are like quick sand
Empty, hollow, and deceiving
they look warm and inviting
yet provide no ground to stand

The fool who believes
will be sucked in,
under the surface, deep within,
suffocating in your lies,
fighting for sanity…
they are done in, unless they cut all ties
refuse to rely on you for anything.

In your wake, chaos and confusion
broken promises, demise of a union.
Mired in your own creation
all is good and bright in your world

As you lie beneath the hollow
nice and snug, protecting the lies
they look like truth in your eyes
all is good and bright in your world

You cover up, you justify,
“why is this such a big deal?”
“why are are you getting angry?”
You wonder why people are bitter
“why do you shun me, my dear?”

You are afraid to get sucked in
if you look within
you hope it will go away
Try to lead others astray
when they point within
I will do it tomorrow… or another day

And you distract yourself again
give it a little time, there is no rush
the world will not end
“Ooops, I just forgot”
And you distract yourself again

Are you afraid of the darkness?
Do you forget that where light shine,
all becomes warm and bright?
You say you want the light
yet rely on others to find it within.

You forget to look on your own
to give yourself the gift of your love,
your own nurturing embrace
a time to be still, and your creation to own.

You will never get where you are
unless you are willing to be with yourself
on your own.

What will it take for you to own,
to realize you┬╣re fully grown
that no one else can love you dear
if you do not love you on your own.

(published in 2005)

What will it take for you to face
all the lies so plain to see
that you deny and cannot see.

What will it take for you to love
all of yourself
your lies and truths, so plain to see
to redeem your past and be present.

what will it take to stand up tall
to speak a word and mean it all
to take the action and follow through
respect and honor your commitments
respect and honor yourself.

What will it take for you to nurture
from deep within
the love that lies still.

Be true, be still, be you, today.