At one point in our lives, a nagging question surfaces: What is the purpose of life? Why am I here?

Depending on how this question is addressed, we can find greatness and a life of fulfillment or can fall into depression.

There are some people who appear to live with a purpose, fueled by an inner fire. They are sure of themselves and their actions. Their life has meaning, and their actions and being reflect it.

Many others stumble along, doubting and searching, hoping to find something that will give meaning to their lives.

Even more people have given up on their search and have resigned themselves. Don’t question, just survive.

Since you are reading this article, you most likely belong to the second category. You are searching, and have not given up hope. The search may take years, leaving you wondering why on earth you are here. You may traverse some very painful periods, when life seems filled with obstacles and uncertainty, and the possibility of ever being purposeful, present, centered and in the flow seems forever out of reach.…

Does it really have to take years to reach that place of alignment? What if there were a faster way? Are you open to it? What if there were a way to connect to your soul and your higher power that was once innate—a step-by-step process that was natural as a young child—but was then got forgotten and buried under grown-up concerns? When I teach very young children, I am always amazed at how quickly and how strongly they connect up. I’ve had two year olds master the process in a matter of minutes, whereas for adult I teach it in the course of a weekend.

Our connection to Source is like a muscle that was constantly in use when we were youngsters, and which we then taught ourselves to stop relying on it, because no one else was using it, so we started favoring our logical mind and other senses adults tend to rely on.

During The Source Synergy workshops, participants learn to rediscover and again put to use their direct connection with their spirit and Source. The downpour of universal love you experience when you (or your practitioner) connects directly to Source changes you forever. You learn how to get in touch with your soul, your heart opens up, you feel a thousand time lighter and more centered than when you began.

It may sound too good to be true for those who have been accustomed to the “fact” that nothing comes easy. Did I say easy? Well, no it’s not. It may be self evident, and like anything, in order to master it, you have to practise. During a lunch break in a Parisian health-food restaurant, my students were talking about their experience. Another customer in the café joined in the conversation, and told us that the type of connection he had overheard us talking about is the ultimate goal of meditation, which he had been practicing for 30 years. He was dumbfounded that this group of neophytes could so readily attain it.

Whatever the reason, the logical mind will give us all kinds of good reasons why we cannot connect directly. I call these reasons, the “Mister and Misses Yeah-but”. “Yeah but, it can’t be that easy.” “Yeah but, that’s just the way I am (or the way things are).” “Yeah but, I have to learn my lesson and it takes time.” “Yeah but I’ve had this all my life.” “Yeah but it’s too deep (too serious…) to be let go of just like that.” And so on and on. Do you really think that the Universal Energy that runs through and creates all things makes such distinction? Of course not. Where there is contraction, light can come in when summoned, and anything can be transformed, once the “yeah buts” have been dealt with.

For those who attend a session or a workshop and struggle with these types of “yeah but” inner doubts, there is good news for you! It is possible to completely transform whatever negative inner chatter comes up, so that you open fully to receive the love of the universe.

What about those days where all your buttons seems to have gotten pushed and you are just too upset to remember that it is even possible to feel good? I’ve had quite a few of those in my lifetime! That is why we focus on the most practical tools and exercises possible in the course of a weekend workshop, so that you go home equipped with loads of tools and simple step-by-step processes enabling you to transform the most entrenched of the upsets in minutes. And for those times when you feel that you are in over your head, or just want to have support in manifesting a specific result, a telephone session is always readily available.

Pretty soon, with practice, your connection to Source becomes your most reliable touchstone of inner power. Taking a 100% responsibility for the way your life shows up and having 100% power to shift your life the way you want it, becomes a self evident way of being.
Simply put, the power of love is the most powerful force in the universe. When you directly connect with the source of that power (a.k.a the Universal Source), that energy has the power to dissolve and transform any conflicts, any contracted feelings, any states of beings that are misaligned and therefore do not feel good.

Discover for yourself how to tap into your inner power, and the limitless power of Source: you are invited to come to one of our evenings of discovery, or to schedule a one-on-one session over the phone.

Our next evening of discovery of The Source Synergy is going to be held …. April 2009 in Paris, followed by a weekend workshop the …. of April. Ms. Messenger lives in North America and comes once or twice a year to teach workshops. She is however always available by telephone.

For phone sessions or for more information. Please call 01 72 81 32 81 (local French communication) to speak with Tamara Messenger. See for more information (for the French version, click on the French flag in the right column of the Home page).