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A Toltec is an Artist of the Spirit, one who creates their life as a masterpiece of love and intent. Being a Toltec represents a shift of perspective, it is not a religion or a prescribed way of being.

don Miguel Ruiz, author of “The 4 Agreements” with whom I apprenticed for many years, gently asked me to start teaching again, when he visited Montreal in the spring of 2012. 

People were requesting follow-up teaching at his conference, so he presented me on stage, as the Nagual Teacher here to assist Toltecs-in-the-making.

I have therefore started taking apprentices again, after an intermission of a few years.  The healing sessions and seminars I have continued to give during this intermission have allowed me to refine the use of the Toltec “Shamanic Dreaming” energy, which comes from our direct connection to the Source, and which provides a tool for immediate dissolution of our inner beliefs systems.

It is my pleasure and honor to teach from this new perspective, which focuses on the essentials of the “Mastery of Awareness” the “Mastery of Transformation” and the “Mastery of Intent”.

Embarking on a Toltec Apprenticeship, over the course of several months, is a way to gain mastery over a process that allows you to create your life from your heart and soul instead of being directed by external events or by your inner conditioning.

It gives you powerful tools to become aware of your inner conditioning (Mastery of Awareness), and to liberate yourself from it (Mastery of Transformation).

Finally this path guides you to create your life from your pure intention based on the love energy that flows through us, instead of taking decisions from all the “shoulds” that were previously running your life (Mastery of Intent).

The results have been astounding.  I am touched to see my apprentices shed their conditioning so much faster than ever before, and move into being true Toltecs, artists of the spirit.

If you would like to feel at peace with yourself, operate from a place of love, stop berating yourself or blaming others, free yourself from social conditioning, and live your life with abundance, joy and love, read on. This program is designed to help you to take concrete steps towards making this a reality for you to live from.

You will be guided to take complete responsibility for your life, finding your own truth, inner strength and love, and living from it. It propel you towards personal freedom, mastering your connection to Source and eventually attaining complete well-being in all areas of your life.

The number of people accepted in the Toltec Coaching program is extremely limited. It is reserved for people who:

– are ready to fully commit to this path,
– can take 100% personal responsibility,
– do not take psychiatric drugs,
– have a good level of self awareness,
and for whom atteigning personal freedom is more important than anything else in their life.

Teaching is individualized and tailored to your own evolution. The core of the teachings is to become aware of your thought patterns, emotional wounds, and agreements that you have made with yourself which are keeping you in suffering. You then learn how to transform with love and to create your life anew in each moment. By doing so, you move into the flow of life, where life and love support you fully.
As you commit to your own happiness and truth, profound shifts will seem natural. You will learn how to transform the way you are with yourself, be your own best friend and transform your life into a masterpiece.
“People don’t see the world as it is. They see the world as THEY are.” – Anais Nin

Contact Tamara 1-514-448-2661 or 1-716-462-6556. (de France au: 01-72-81-32-81 après 15h)