The Earth is shifting in unprecedented ways … and the sensitive among us are going hay-wire. For those of us who are more sensitive to energy and emotional fluctuation, it is almost a full time job just to stay centered, and keep being productive. Now is the time for very deep clearing, and heart expansion.

So many people are requesting my help recently for “unexplained constant anxiety” “disorientation” and “no motivation.” Type A outgoing people are suddenly finding themselves filled with grief or dread. Action is replaced by apathy. Cheery people are filled with low grade anxiety. Outgoing people are hiding from the world. If that is happening to you, know that :
– you are not alone,
– and you are neither depressed, nor going crazy!!
Now, isn’t that a relief!?

THE TIME IS NOW. Do not delay your inner work. You need to transcend your human emotions that are keeping you in bondage, such as your reaction of fear, anger or powerlessness in the face of the world’s events. Your full power as divine co-creator is required now. You must reclaim your energy and full power now, centered in love and compassion.

A new world cannot be created with the same consciousness as the old. As the Earth is shifting and entering its new phase, so are we. Either we consciously evolve alongside with her, supporting the shift with our love and consciousness, or we will dragged along with it… and if you’ve ever been dragged by a huge wave, you know how unpleasant that can be.

The Earth’s energy is behaving in unprecedented ways. It is a scientific and measurable fact. We might even see some physical manifestation of these shifts very soon. We are energy beings, living on the earth, and it is only normal that these huge shifts would affect us.

So what can we do about it?
=> We can raise our own vibration to help usher the shifts with greater ease and grace, by focusing and magnifying our love, gratitude, and oneness feeling.
=> We can intensify our inner work, give it all the energy we’ve got, to go deep, very deep, and clear the last remaining echoes of fear, doubt, or powerlessness, that are keeping us in the low vibrations.
=> We can reconnect deeply with the earth, and give it all our love and gratitude.

Yes, the prospect of pole shifts or earthquakes can be disorienting, but it doesn’t have to leave us powerless. It is a time to reconnect deeply to our mother Earth, with all our love and gratitude, and deepening our connection to Spirit, in order to surrender and open fully to our intuition and inner guidance. “Little Grandmother” Keisha Crowler has a very sweet message about praying over quartz crystals to reconnect oneself with the heart beat of the earth, and to use them as prayer vessels for the entire earth. You can find her full “message for 2011” on Youtube, or click this link:

Yes, the prospect of earthquakes or nuclear contamination can be scary, but it doesn’t justify us living in fear and powerlessness. The sights of chemtrails is overwhelming, but it doesn’t justify living in anger and blame. Instead of going down, we can learn to transcend, and fly. Eventually, as we make these changes on our own personal level, the ripple effects of thousands upon thousands of individuals choosing to live in compassion and love will be felt throughout the planet.

All these catastrophes are fascinating, and if you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself devoting much of your time and attention to these events, feeding your negative emotional reaction to what is, adding to the climate of fear and anger, avidly watching the news, fascinated by the horrors … instead of taking the opportunity to transcend your reaction, let go of your negative emotions, and in so doing, raise the vibration of global human consciousness, and co-create our desired outcome.

Treat these events just as we treat any other during our daily “recapitulation.” You track your emotional reaction to the event, and find the root cause within you, open and surrender to Spirit’s light and love. Repeat this process, each time deepening your awareness and your tracking, until all that remains is love. As you do this you will find yourself transcending the fear and usual human reactions, and reaching new levels of compassion and love. It has certainly been the case for myself and many clients whom I have taken through this process.

We are global citizens of the earth, creating our reality together. We can no longer afford to indulge in the “me” mentality. Our thoughts and emotions join together, and weave the tapestry of our reality.

Unite by intention, words and deeds. Unite by prayer, love and compassion. Unite by helping. Unite by loving. Unite by letting go of the emotions and thoughts that keep you feeling separate and different.

Focus on unity and take action. It will make you feel better, and help you shift away from the fascination of the dark, towards the light and what you wish to create instead.


Yes, the future of humanity can seem bleak when we take into account nuclear contamination, unregulated GMOs, chemtrails and increased government control. Or you can see these as the last hurrah of the old world, before the new reality sets in. Things are shifting, and you are an integral part of the shift.

Your consciousness and emotions, are part of the puzzle that will create the new reality. You are much much more important than you think. You are an integral co-creator of this new reality.

What can you do to be a part of the solution?

Once you have liberated yourself from the shackles of fear, anger and powerlessness, you are ready to become a co-creator. Take the time to imagine and feel the desired future you see for humanity and the earth. A future where we live in peace and harmony with nature, connected to our Source and divine nature. Take note of the qualities present in your desired future: collaboration, peace, unity, respect, love… and start applying them in your own daily life, now.

Where there is a choice between “Me first” and “Win-Win” choose to collaborate. Where there is a choice between personal conflict and understanding, let go of wanting to be right, and elevate yourself to a peaceful solution. You want respect? Start respecting everyone, the earth, the animals… and yourself. You want a healthy planet? Start by choosing local, organic foods, walking more, using your car and lessening your use of power utilities. Find ways to feel love more often, and show your love to others.


I wish you all a smooth transition, and send you all my love.

Tamara Messenger is an international spiritual teacher and healer. She has pioneered a new method of inner transformation which allows you to reconnect to your Spirit, which reaching down and transforming the deepest layers of inner programming.
She can be reached at 716-462-6556 or in Canada at 705-812-1466 to schedule emotional or physical healing sessions.
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